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So far my DIY project has been a huge first time success! The wife and I have both fallen in love with the latex hybrid. Currently, we have a padded mattress cover slipped over the assemly. The last step is to find that perfect permanent cover now. After reading tons of articles, I feel that a quilted cover may firm the assembly up too much. Does anyone sell a quality quilted lower with a zippered upper made of cotton/bamboo or anything else that is durable yet lets you feel the latex through the sheets? I saw a video where Pablo from Matress Makers installed something similar, I just haven’t found anything while searching for one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey, congratulations on your DIY mattress. What did you ultimately use as you base layer, or did you not add one?
Did you look at DIY mattress covers, they have a quilted zippered one here. Quilted zippered cover. Not sure what exactly you are looking for, but this may be a start.

more zippered covers

Thanks @Maverick ! I ended up using most of the parts from my Winkbed. The setup consists of the 1" poly layers above and below the 8" pocket coils that came out of my old mattress and a 3" medium SoL comfort layer. Currently I have a pull over padded mattress protector covering the assembly. I left the old lower cover on in case it gives the coils some side support. I love the feel of the protector over the latex and am worried that a thick quilted will take that away and firm it up too much.

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That is just awesome. As you know a mattress cover can effect the feel of the entire mattress. But @Arizona_Premium has a variety of covers as does DIY

That’s ultimately who I’m hoping to buy from! Maybe they can give me aome details on their covers!

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Just use the @ symbol or call them direct, it is faster. Remember to use the TMU extra discount codes when you order. trusted members and discount codes

I appreciate that @Maverick
@Arizona_Premium see above please

@Arizona_Premium any chance to get some guidance on this subject? Looking to place an order once I have the needed information

Imho, the best cover on the market that lets you fully feel the Latex is from Sleep On Latex. Here it is, Topper Cover |
The link is to a 12" queen size. If you need less height, it’s cheaper. I find them phenomenal.

Any quilted cover will take away a bit of the feel but it’s nominal with us. We use stretch knit fabrics and covers are made exact to fit which will keep the latex from shifting around. The non quilted covers are fine but don’t meet the flammability laws which is why we don’t risk using those and they don’t really keep the latex from shifting around especially if you have more than one layer.

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