Mattress cover question for DIY latex build

Hi there,

I’m looking to update a diy mattress I’ve been sleeping on for about a year. Basically, it is currently set up as two twin XL beds pressed next to each other, and we want it to become a single king bed. All the current innards are from latex mattress factory (and it’s been great in terms of sleep comfort!). The problem is they just separate from each other. Each side is encased in a stretchy, thin waterproof cover that has saved us from many spills from our little kids. And each side is on a twin xl foundation we got from latex mattress factory.

They were initially separate because one of us has GERD and wants that side of the bed on an angle, and the other person (understandably) prefers a flat bed. So one side is currently shorter (8” rather than 12”), and the head of the shorter side is raised about 6 inches to be just a little higher than the taller side at the head.

The new idea is to build the 8” side up to 12” tall, and get a 12” king mattress cover, and to see how that feels.

Current Flat side, 220 lbs, curvy, side sleeper, deals w chronic pain
3” medium Talalay
3” medium Talalay
3” firm Dunlop
3” extra firm Dunlop

Current angled side (head is 6” higher than foot), usually side sleeper but sometimes stomach sleeper, 220 lbs
2” medium Dunlop
3” medium Talalay
3” firm Dunlop
This side initially had the medium Talalay on top, but it felt too squishy and my lower back hurt in the morning, so I switched the medium Talalay w the medium Dunlop and it feels great.

My plan is to add two 2” Dunlop extra firm layers to the bottom of the current 8” side, to make the total height 12”. And then I’ll lower the head of the foundation on that side, and add a cover 12” king cover to the whole thing, for a single king rather than two twin XLs. And we can raise the head of the whole thing or keep it flat depending on gerd symptoms…

That’s where the questions is.

I’m wondering 4 things:

  1. what is the difference in feel between the APM organic cotton cover and the bamboo cover in terms of how much firmness they add and in terms of how cool they sleep?
  2. is there any difference between the two with respect to layers shifting side to side? Our current covers, which are really intended to go OVER a mattress cover, do not have much structure and so the layers routinely slide out of wack, which means I have to rebuild the mattresses every little while. I am guessing that the covers designed for layered latex won’t allow that as much, but I’m wondering if we should still expect some shifting.
  3. Will both the organic cotton and the bamboo cover hold everything snug enough that we won’t feel a gap between the two sides?
  4. Is there a big difference in quality or feel between these covers and the one that latex mattress factory sells? I’ve been very happy with the latex mattress factory components but the APM covers are much less expensive which is enticing!

Also, am I right that APM doesn’t sell 2” Dunlop layers?

Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

No right or wrong between the 2 covers and both will prevent shifting. Personally I like the organic cotton because it’s thinner and puts me closer to the latex but the Bamboo cover is what we sell the most of being thicker and a bit more plush. Both breath very well but you need to remove any waterproof covering or you will choke off the airflow.
You are wrong about 2" dunlop, 2" Dunlop Latex Mattress Topper, Talalay & Dunlop Latex Toppers - Bare, Latex Mattress Toppers and Cores, All Products
Let me know if you have any other questions

Thank you for the clarification about the Dunlop 2” layers! And for the info about the covers. I’ll chat with my partner to figure out which we want.

My pleasure

I just received my new bamboo/wool cover from Arizona Premium Mattress. I was very impressed with the quality of this cover. It was soft and cool with just enough cushioning to give my bed that plush feel without compromising support. I don’t even need the Marriott mattress topper I had been using to give my mattress a plush feel using my old mattress cover.

We have total control of quality because we make these to order in house. Thank you for the nice comment.