Mattress cover / ticking made from natural linen

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for a good natural cover / ticking for my new mattress creation and almost all of the ones I’ve found have been cotton and wool.

I’ve ordered a natural silk on one side and natural cotton on the other wool topper from this shop on Etsy. My interaction with them has been stellar and so I asked them about a cover and they suggested one made from 100% LINEN (FLAX) FABRIC (weight: 330 g/m²) with a 100% PURE LAMBSWOOL FABRIC (weight: 420 g/m²) top though I don’t believe they have a ton of experience with creating latex ticking.

I haven’t seen other linen fabric mattress coverings for latex. Would the linen provide good side/bottom protection for latex?

Thank you for any info!

Hi Jules,

I would think so yes.