Mattress covers for Latex

I am looking to purchase the Dreamfoam Eurotop Latex mattress and was wondering if there was a specific type of mattress protector required for latex. My husband gets very warm at night and I don’t want a product that will make him too warm.

Thank you for a wonderfully helpful forum.

Hi Kellymckibkib,

You can see some of the tradeoffs involved with different types of mattress protectors in post #89 here that can help you decide which is is likely to be the best choice for your personal circumstances and criteria. All of these would be “suitable” for a latex mattress or any mattress.

You can also read more about the many different factors that together are involved in the temperature regulation of a mattress in post #2 here that can help most people deal with heat issues.

Talalay latex is the most breathable of the different types of foam materials so with a mattress that had a Talalay latex comfort layer you would at have the advantage of one of the factors being “cooler” than other types of foam.


except perhaps that Foamex drifast foam or something …

but i have to wonder if it even matters whether a foam breathes or not in this case. if you had an inch of foam between you and open air certainly it would matter, but with so much foam under you i don’t think the air will get through no matter how breathable it is. i think ultimately the moisture has to be absorbed in some sort of pad and when vapor condenses it absorbs great amount of heat thereby providing cooling.

now if only somebody invented a material that was at the same time as cushy as foam and as absorbent as wool …