Mattress Covers

It this post is off-topic, I apologize … but I cannot find any other forums that talk about mattress covers. We want to protect our new mattress purchase from our 18 year old Chihuahua that has an “accident” every few months. We want to get a water resistant/proof cover that is also breathable so we do not sleep hot. Does anybody have any recommendations?

Two top rated ones on Amazon are this one and this one. Make sure you pick the right size. I linked to queen size.

I’d probably just go with the cheaper one and put a mattress pad on top to reduce the heat build up. Sorry not to be more help.

Hi LoveWarrior,

It’s not off topic at all … and it’s a choice almost everyone will need to make :slight_smile:

Post #89 here and the posts it links to have more information about the pros and cons of different types of mattress protectors and some links to some good options but it seems to me that a waterproof membrane type of protector (such as the type that jankdc linked) would make a good choice to protect against accidents.