Mattress delivery needed for long distance purchase


I live in Los Angeles. Ive located a very good deal on a luxury mattress in the Midwest. The mattress is about 2000 miles away.

This imattress is not foam and cannot be stuffed into a box. But it would need to be placed in a box, but it will not be compacted.

To rent a 1 way Uhaul truck would be $1700 plus $1000 for gas. I know that Old Dominion used to deliver mattresses. Are there any other nationwide delivery businesses that could deliver for a good price?

I would rake a flight….try mattress. If I like it, buy it and then have it delivered to Los Angeles.

I might have to drop it off at a self storage facility first.

Any other ideas?


Hi John,

A full service mover may be a good option, too. They can go, package the mattress, and transport it for you.

If anyone has experience in this regard, hopefully they see your thread and weigh in.