Mattress Depot Joplin, mo

I wanted to post a new thread not continue on my old questions thread sorry if this isnt ok to use the companys name for a title.

First thanks for a great site with lots of good info. We spent the day looking at several places that were mentioned in our previous post.

We ended up purchasing a 5/0 Noahs gel/latex bed, in the link to the site for this business it looks like the 8400. Im pleased with the 20 year warranty. The price was a bit more than i wanted to pay at first but we ended up getting a very good deal in the end IMO. I highly recommend this business to anyone near enough to visit them.

6" 2.7 high density base foam
2" 2.4 density foam
3" 5.3 density gel infused foam
2" 34 ILD Talalay latex

The owners of the shop are Tamera and James Wiley they are a great pair of people. Very friendly and the experience was fantastic. They were very very educated about the products and seemed more than happy to anwser questions and volunteer information for im guessing about an hour. I really believe they are out to offer great satisfaction with a great product.

This is a small shop not like the mass retail chains but they have a website 417-659-9005.

I think this is a direct manufacturer link to the bed we purchased. I look forward to reviewing how it holds up!

Hi 200tmoy,

Any title is fine by me (and the names of mattresses or retailers in the titles can help other members find the information more easily). The only guideline I have concerning links and titles is that the businesses themselves don’t use the forum as a form of self promotion.

I was quite impressed with the range of smaller higher value manufacturers that they carried (which is why I listed them in my reply to your previous post) and it certainly doesn’t surprise me that you found a good quality/value mattress there.

I’m grateful for your feedback and for sharing your experience with them and that “real life” seems to match the impression I had of them from their site.

And congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention something on the Noah’s brand we purchased. The owners of the shop said Noahs doesnt have the indention or depression requirements on breakdown. Most of the mattress places were 1" or 1.5" inch for warranty issues they said the Noah’s didnt have that. I read the warranty card on Noahs direct site after i got home seems like they do have a breakdown level so im hoping this isnt a miss information i was told. The warranty guarantee they were discribing in the shop actually was something i was impressed by. Did i miss something Phoenix?

Hi 2006moy,

The Noah’s warranty information seems clear to me that their warranty exclusion is 2".

I think though that they may have been referring to the responsiveness of the manufacturer to warranty claims and their willingness to back up their retailers. With larger manufacturers … warranties are often worthless because they tend towards denying warranty coverage and putting hoops and hurdles in the way of a warranty claim. They are “designed” in practical terms to protect the manufacturer not the consumer and are more of a sales and marketing tool that takes advantage of most consumers’ belief that that longer warranties means a longer lasting or better quality mattress (which of course in turn justifies a higher price). The fact is that a warranty has little to nothing to do with how long a mattress may last for any particular person.

Smaller or more local manufacturers on the other hand tend to be more responsive to consumer dissatisfaction and will lean much more towards the consumer and their retailers in the “grey areas” of warranty coverage. Warranties need some type of exclusion because otherwise consumers that were just unhappy with the comfort of their mattress or who had unrealistic expectations and wanted it to stay “new” forever (and all materials will degrade to a lesser or greater degree over time) would qualify for a warranty exchange just by saying “I want a new mattress because this one isn’t working any more” so it’s always in how a warranty is applied that makes the difference. Some manufacturers make more exceptions in other words than others.

It’s also much more important to know the materials in a mattress which can give you a much better idea about how long a mattress may last than any warranty coverage. Most “defects” that are covered by a warranty will show up early in the life of a mattress and loss of comfort or support which is the main reason people need to replace their mattress is not covered by a warranty.

Having said all that … it certainly doesn’t seem to me that you were getting an “accurate story” from the retailer. If you have any doubt … I would call them (just in case they are providing some kind of warranty that isn’t coming from Noah’s) and/or call Noah’s themselves to confirm what you were told. If they are providing a warranty/guarantee that isn’t part of or goes beyond the manufacturers warranty … I would make sure to get it in writing on some type of letterhead (or on your receipt) and have them sign it :).



Im slow to update im a truck driver. I talked with Tamera today at Mattress Depot and she said that the bed i purchased does infact have a higher warranty than Noahs website reflects. They havent apparently updated the site in quite a while at Noahs but will be soon. The receipt does indicate a 20 year warranty on it apparently the 8400 bed series i purchased is NOT listed in the current warranty info on Noahs at all.

I should also be receiving delivery of my bed monday or tuesday i was bummed hoping to get it today. However i was told maybe today but possibly a few days after at date of purchase. Looking forward to updating again after some time trial lol.

Hi 200tmoy,

Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

I’d also be interested in knowing what the warranty exclusion is on their new models (many memory foam and latex mattresses have a .75" exclusion while most others have a 1.5" - 2" exclusion.

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received the mattress and have had a chance to sleep on it.


They are claiming 0. If we find that there is any exclusion in Noah’s opinion the bed is faulty. Ive not been able to contact Noah’s directly, wasnt normal business hours; but Tamera was pretty clear on the Highend foam beds.

Hi 2006moy,

That would be very unusual to have no warranty exclusions or specific conditions because in effect that would mean that the warranty covered comfort issues which would open the door for exchanges that had nothing to do with the quality of the mattress or defects in construction or materials. This would leave the door open for the customer expectation that anyone could exchange their mattress for free just because they didn’t like it any more which would be very risky for the manufacturer.

I would probably find out from Noah’s what the exact terms of the warranty really are (and they should have a printed copy available for you to read and keep in your records that covered your specific mattress). I would be very skeptical that the warranty had no conditions or exclusions at all.

Even if the warranty condition is that it has to be defective “in Noah’s opinion”, this leaves the door open for many possible interpretations of “defective” but at least you could ask them for this in writing and also ask them for examples of what they would consider to be defects that are “warranty covered”.


I forgot to add you cant have blood or urine on the mattress. Zero exclusions though was stressed. Im hoping to get a hold of Noah’s this week.

Hi 2006moy,

I’m looking forward to hearing about what they tell you. I only know of one manufacturer that has a zero exclusion warranty and where the customer gets to decide if there is a warranty claim. They are very unusual.


Ok disappointing update i called Noahs i was told talk to the seller for information on the warranty. The sellers can give that information to me if they dont have it they can call noahs. My reply was like :blink: So ill talk more with the Mattress Depot.

Hi 2006moy,

Well you certainly have me curious about what the warranty really is. I would also make sure you get it in writing so you don’t have to take the word of someone that may not have it right. I don’t understand why this is so difficult to get (the written warranty that is different from the one on their website).


Ok heres what i was given for the warranty information from Noah’s. The receipt does say a 20 year warranty where this pretty much just shows a general guide line.

Hi 2006moy,

Thanks for posting their warranty information.

The warranty is fairly non specific and could be “interpreted” in many ways.

The good news in these cases is that many smaller manufacturers will “err” on the side of the customer and are more concerned with customer satisfaction and their reputation when warranty coverage is in a grey area. They work more on a case by case basis than using the warranty exclusions as an excuse to deny coverage as much as possible.

In my conversations with Noah’s they seemed to me like “good people” that were doing things right and had a “small company feel” to them so I would certainly feel better with such a non specific warranty like this than if it came from a larger manufacturer.

In the end … warranty coverage for “defects” is much less important after the first couple of years than the quality of materials in the mattress because any real defects will usually show up fairly quickly and after that, foam softening and loss of comfort and support would be the main reason someone needed to replace their mattress and neither of these are warranty covered.


Update on the noahs bed we purchased. So far we are very happy the bed is sleeping even better now that it has loosened up a bit. Not alot can be said because its still a fairly new purchase. So far no manufacturer issues and all of my wifes sleeping issues are gone now the back, shoulder, neck pains have stopped completely support is top notch and we are very pleased sleepers again.

Thanks for recommending that i take a look at this brand.

Hi 2006moy,

Thanks for the ongoing feedback. It’s great to hear that you made such a good choice and that your wife is pain free. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing quite like a good nights rest and when you’ve found that, all the time and effort (and sometimes frustration) that can go into the hunt for a mattress is well worth it!