Mattress fabric covers

I am very pissed off by the mattress covers (I mean the fabric that holds the mattress together, not the topper).

What I want is a quality natural cotton one. 99% of all mattress here in europe is polyester or some sort of marketing BS plastic. CoolMax. UltraCool. HyperCool. MegaCool. AloeVera. Silver. Gold. Uranium (lol)… what the heck.

I now have a wool one, so I am fine. My brother has a polyester one, and he was constantly over sweating… Until he bought a cotton topper. Also when I was trying a synthetic cover (whatever the manufacturer is calling it) I suffered from static electricity and all my body hair that was in touch was standing up.

Now here is the question - If I will buy a quality cotton topper, does the material of the mattress cover even matters? The body wont be in touch, but I dont know how much the cover matters in this situation.

Thank you for your points or experience

Hi EuroGuy,

You’re correct that as a general rule natural fibers will tend to be more moisture and temperature regulating than synthetics and will provide a better microclimate for sleeping. Polyester also has more issues with static as you also mentioned.

This will depend to some degree on whether you are buying a topper, a mattress pad, or a mattress protector (the difference is that each one is thicker than the next). All the layers in the upper part of a mattress will have some effect on ventilation and temperature and moisture regulation (see post #2 here) not just the top layer but the layers closest to the body will have a bigger effect.