Mattress Follow Up

So after months of research on here and because of the great advice I’ve received from Phoenix and others, I wanted to give back and share my experience.

First, my partner and I (she’s 115lbs, 5’7" and I’m 200lbs, 6’0") were moving from a Queen Kingsdown to a Eastern King. Size was important because we let our pooch sleep with us. After considering various materials, we were sold on latex for both it’s durability and ability to customize. We had no limit on budget (after all, a mattress is one of the few things one shouldn’t skimp on), but obviously wanted best quality for price.

We live on the East Coast and checked out one of the local members of this site in NJ as well as Casper, the very-well hyped/marketed start-up in NYC. We found that both had nice options but the local member was pricey $3k+ and it wasn’t full latex (polyurethane core) and the Casper was a bit too thin / limited in options. But visiting both places solidified our decision to go with latex.

After researching latex types (Dunlop vs. Talalay) and national online members of this site, we narrowed our choices down to Brooklyn Bedding and SleepEZ, both out in Arizona. We were looking at Brooklyn Bedding’s Aloe Alexis at first, but moved to the 10" Essence. When I checked out SleepEZ, however, I found much better options for essentially the same size mattress at a cheaper price. The 10" Essence offers 3" of Talalay over 6" of Dunlop in a 1" organic cotton cover. The SleepEZ Organic 10000, also 10", offers another layer for options, the ability to split (his/her side), and full Talalay in the exact same cover - at least ours looks like it! I called them on a Sunday night (9:00 PM ET) and was shocked that Shawn answered and was very helpful. I asked him if I should go with the more expensive 13000 (13") and he said there was no difference in the mattress - just an extra 3" in the profile - so he didn’t try to upsell me. He also answered all of my questions, threw in 2 shredded latex pillows, and provided me with instructions on how to get the Mattress Underground’s 5% discount.

So we pulled the trigger and bought the Organic 10000 10", all in Talalay (most manufacturers will charge more for Talalay versus Dunlop), my side: Soft over Medium over Firm and her side Soft over Soft over Medium (the top Soft layer is one piece, actually two glued together because my partner felt it would be odd to have a split, even though you most likely can’t feel it. We also bought a platform bed from Crate and Barrel as latex does best on these types, provided the slats are no more than 3" apart. It’s important that the bed can also accommodate 800 lbs as the mattress was around 150 lbs itself and combined with our weight, including our pooch, we wanted quality.

Verdict: SleepEZ is outstanding and we love our new mattress. It was a bit of a hassle to assemble, particularly since we split firmness, but once together, it’s great. TIP: Be sure to tuck the mattress cover’s 2" flap over the latex before you zip it up. It helps! We’ve spent 7 days with the S-M-F and S-S-M configuration and have just rotated to the S-F-M and S-M-S to try it out this week. After 2 days, I can notice a slight difference and I think I prefer the former. Next week I want to try the M-S-F and S-S-M (split top level, moving one piece to middle layer) so we have the optimal configuration and can make any layer exchange. SleepEZ will also change out layers, free of charge, within 90 days! Now all we need is the LL Bean or Feathered Friends down comforter to complete our dream bed.

So if you’re feeling like I was initially, very overwhelmed at the onset, remember that while Phoenix and others can provide advice/methodology, it’s up to you to do your homework! I would highly recommend saving some time and check out SleepEZ, however, for their great prices on high-quality mattress with (so-far) excellent customer service. Their website isn’t the fanciest, but they’re a quality company.

I’m posting this follow up for the benefit of others and have tagged to be notified of any replies, so please feel free to reply with any questions or comments. I’d be glad to help.

Finally, thanks again to Phoenix and this site, without whom/which we never would have bought our dream bed.

Hi idlewild,

Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed comments and helpful feedback … I appreciate it!

It’s great to see that your choice is working out so well for you :slight_smile:


Hello Idlewild,

I’m still currently hesitating between the 10000 and 13000 Organic from Sleep EZ, but more so with the all Talalay layers vs getting Dunlop for the support layers and Talalay for the comfort layers only. What in the end made you finalize your decision for all Talalay? I appreciate any and all input you may have … I’ve researched this mattress thing a lot and am finding the final decision overwhelming …

Hi Chanpou-

Regarding the size (10000 vs. 13000), according to SleepEZ there is no difference in durability - just the profile (height) and configuration options, assuming you select the different firmness. My partner and I didn’t want a high bed so we went with the 10000.

Also, most people only “feel” the top two layers so note that when selecting firmness. I went Soft-Medium-Firm and my girlfriend went Soft-Soft-Medium but we’re Soft-Firm-Medium and Soft-Medium-Firm now to see how that feels. Again, all Talalay.

Regarding Talalay vs. Dunlop, one isn’t “better” than the other - it’s personal preference. I like Phoenix’s analogy which is that Talalay is akin to Angel Food Cake and Dunlop would be similar to Pound Cake in density. Dunlop also typically less expensive as it doesn’t involve as many steps in the manufacturing. I was going to go with Talalay for the top two layers as I assumed angel food would “feel” better than pound cake to sleep on and Dunlop for the base as it is more dense (durability) but the second part was not a correct assumption. So, given that SleepEZ didn’t charge more for Talalay, we opted for consistency and had all layers Talalay.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the info.

It is a difficult choice because I like both the Talalay and Dunlop, for different reasons. I like the spongy, cushiony, sinking in feeling of the Talalay, but part of me wonders if I’ll also be getting the back support I need. When I tried an all Dunlop bed, I felt better support, but of course it felt firmer as well and less “envelopping”. … if I’m making any sense ! We’ll be trying out some more all Talalay beds this week-end, of different ILDs, at a local store, after which I hope to finally be able to make a decision.

Suggestion: Call SleepEZ and speak with Shawn. He’ll help you (as he did me/us) with recommendations.

Based on what you’re telling me here, however, you might want to mix it up. Assuming you’re going with the 10000, and based on your size/preference, you might want to get a Soft Talalay (top) - Soft/Medium Dunlop (middle) and Medium/Firm Dunlop base. In that way, say you get S/T-S/D-M/D, you can alternate the S/T with S/D and get just the right fit.

Regardless, SleepEZ have an excellent exchange/return policy that you can also always make use of to get your ideal match.


idlewild - did you do a layer swap? Just curious how you are liking your mattress now after a few more weeks. I just ordered the same bed as you, but in the natural blended, not organic talalay. It hasn’t arrived yet. I am 155 and 5’ 4", but am a stomach sleeper, so I hope it works out for me!

We have not done a layer swap, but I am strongly considering it.

The challenge is that the packing and such is a headache…and the mattress is good.

Again, here were some considerations for our decision to order the 10000 organic Talalay:

-We went went 10000 over the 13000 as a) I was told you only feel the first two layers – having 4 layers just gives you more configuration options, but there’s always the layer swap b) we wanted a lower profile bed c) it was cheaper
-I went S-M-F and my GF went with S-S-M because she didn’t want to split the top layer. Honestly, I don’t think this matters and Shawn from Sleep EZ tried to get her to understand that but she really didn’t want a “crack” in the top. Stil, the single piece is actually two that are glued together.
-Minor point: Talalay has an extra step in the process and generally costs more than Dunlop. I figured since Sleep EZ offered them both at the same price, I might as well go with all Talalay.

So the first week we went S-M-F and S-S-M. The next week I swapped and went M-S-F and my GF still had S-S-M. The next week we tried S-F-M and S-M-S and now, to be honest, I can’t really say what we’re on!

Suggestion: go with what Shawn recommends and keep a spreadsheet tracking your layer configurations and preferences. I honestly can’t tell much difference between S-M-F and M-S-F!

Thanks for the tip - I will definitely keep track if I swap layers, especially since 90 days will probably go by faster than I think.

Was this your first latex mattress? You didn’t really say how you’re liking it - what are your impressions compared to past mattresses you’ve had? Do you think that configuration is supportive enough for your weight? And I know this would be hard to describe, but how does it feel to you and could you imagine putting a separate topper on it at all or is it comfortable enough as is?

Yes, it is our first latex and we love it. We’ve tried Tempurpedic and didn’t like the “sinking in” feeling and we used to have a nice(r) innerspring with a pillow top…but that was much too soft for me.

How does it feel? Yes, that’s very hard to describe and highly subjective, but I won’t P3 you to death either (sorry, Phoenix). It’s basically firm and supportive (again, I’m 6’ and over 200), yet soft and very comfortable.

We definitely made the right choice in going latex, and I’m sure you will be very pleased too. In fact, I would never encourage anyone to buy anything buy latex in the future.

Thanks! I am so excited to get mine and will possibly have to assemble it myself (oh fun!), but I cannot wait to sleep on it! I haven’t even slept on it yet, but after all the research I feel the same as you if I had to recommend a mattress to anyone in the future. Latex surely seems like the best way to go for sure.

Hi redbird,

Certainly no offence taken. My “theory” is that being PPP’d to death (in the Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences meaning) for a few weeks before a purchase is better than being PPP’d to death (in the Pain, Pressure points, Poor sleep quality meaning) for a few years after a purchase :slight_smile:


[quote=“Phoenix” post=49143]Hi redbird,

Certainly no offence taken. My “theory” is that being PPP’d to death (in the Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences meaning) for a few weeks before a purchase is better than being PPP’d to death (in the Pain, Pressure points, Poor sleep quality meaning) for a few years after a purchase :slight_smile:


True dat :stuck_out_tongue: