Mattress for 260 lb side sleeper

What are your mattress recommendations for a 5’11, 260 lb side sleeper? I like the feeling of a very soft mattress, but if it’s too soft my lower back hurts. I saw consumer reports gave the avocado green top marks for heavy side sleepers, but when I tried it in the avocado store thought it could be softer.

Based on some other threads I’m guessing the recommendation for a hybrid mattress would be something like 3" medium talalay, 2" of medium Dunlop and bolsa core? I’m open to suggestions…


Im 230 pounds. I tried all the Avocados….didnt like any of them. Id go with Aireloom Preferred Luxetop M2 Firm or M2 Plush. M1 is 1 layer of microcoil. M2 is 2 layers of microcoils. Firm or plush refers to spring strength. I prefer M1 Firm myself. Dont buy Aireloom from Macys.


I did quite extensive testing with the App. I developed called Mattress Checker and I can tell you that if you are a side sleeper, it is true that too much softness will allow your mid-section to hammock downward, reducing support for your spine, but also too much firmness won’t help your back or you comfort level, especially if the mattress bottoms out, which is what might be happening to you with the Avocado. When I developed the Back Science mattress sleep system, I did so with the idea in mind for helping keep the spinal alignment using specialized lumbar zoning, but also giving the user more softness in the shoulders and legs, so the spine would be better balanced, in addition to a much more comfortable feel. It doesn’t use latex, but the particular gel foam that is used is buoyant and contouring. Whatever you decide, make sure the mattress contours well and doesn’t bottom out, but also does not let your weight sink in more in the mid-section.

That’s actually a pretty good setup based on your info. You can always add a soft layer on top if necessary but know that the durability will take a hit due to your weight.

Thanks Ken. When you say “add a soft layer” I assume you mean in addition to the layers I listed? How thick would that soft layer be?

I went to European sleep works and tried their mattresses and I liked the “Nordic II HDM” with the “plushest” layers, whatever that means. They do say it has about 3.5 inches of talalay and springs below (and some micro springs in between that I’m guessing do nothing?). It’s unclear if my back would actually like the mattress without living with it for some time.

John, $6k is too much, but thanks.

Go on Facebook Marketplace to get for much less. They go by different names. Search “Aireloom mattress”