Mattress for a 10 year old and Resale market?

Hi -

We are in the market for a full-sized mattress for our 10-year-old son. This is the mattress he will have through high school, so needs to be something that will be a good fit over the years. He is currently on a Lifekind Combo (which I believe you call Hybrid - latex and inner spring) twin. We’d like to stay in the natural/organic realm. Are there any considerations we should keep in mind when selecting? I’m looking at Lifekind, Naturepedic and Soaring Heart, but am very open to other suggestions.

Also any tips for selling gently used mattresses with lots of life left? We have 2 Lifekind mattresses (Eastern King and Twin) that we no longer have a use for. (We are in Los Angeles.)

Thanks so much!

Hi Ashleigh,

One of TMU’s highly rated trusted members is Flexus Comfort Mattress Company which is located in Covina in Los Angeles County. You may want to contact them to discuss some options, but they specialize in latex and latex hybrid mattresses using either natural or organic latex. Selling used mattresses can be difficult these days due to concerns about bed bugs and the pandemic. You may find some interest on local social media sales platforms like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc. but understand that used mattresses tend to sell at very low prices, which would still be preferable to them ending up in a landfill if you can find a buyer.

Good luck on your journey!

  • Bill