Mattress for a Grad Student

Hi everyone!! I will be moving to the US for my graduate studies in the next 10 days and am feeling a little lost about which mattress to order! I have gone through a lot of the content on this site and it has been very useful. So, a big thanks to everyone who is a member!
However, I found many suggestions for good mattresses to be significantly above my budget! Hence, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about would be the best mattress for someone on a tight budget ($300 or less?). I have been sleeping on coir mattresses all my life and would like to get something with a similar level of firmness. I will be based out of West Lafayette, Indiana. I would also prefer to buy the mattress online so that I have something to sleep on when I reach my apartment! :slight_smile:

Hi gradlife,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

Are you attending Purdue?

For those that have a more restricted budget then post #4 here and the posts it links to also include many of the better lower budget online options I’m aware of as well. As you’re used to sleeping upon coir, I would advise you to select items in a “firmer” level of comfort. I hope that helps!