Mattress for a Ten-Year-Old

Hello! I am moving my ten-year-old from a twin size bed to a full size bed. She currently has a Pure Echo from My Green Mattress with a two inch Linenspa memory foam topper (from Amazon) on it.

In anticipation of getting her new mattress (and since we’re keeping the twin bed), I bought a two inch latex topper in soft from SleepOnLatex for her to try out with her current mattress. She does not like this topper at all, however, and refuses to sleep on it. She says it is too jiggly/wobbly and doesn’t like how she feels like she is constantly moving when she’s on it. Should I cross latex off my mattress search for her?

My husband and I have an Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress from Nest that she loves sneaking into and sleeping on so I guess she prefers a foam feel? She doesn’t have any complaints about her current setup. I’m tempted to just recreate it in full size, but am worried because the Pure Echo is extremely firm to me and am not sure it will be comfortable to her as she gets older. I thought I was set on the Eco Sleep Hybrid mattress by Arizona Premium Mattress, but now I’m not sure it will work for her. Help! :slight_smile: