Mattress for Girlfriend

I have bought a 9’ mattress from you guys, doing a x-firm Dunlop, firm Dunlop, medium talalay. My girlfriend loves my mattress, but for hers I think she wants a little softer. Not too much though because she really likes mine. She’s weighs 140 and is 5 foot 3 inch. Mostly sleeps on her side, but also sleeps on back. She also has some back muscular pain. Please give your best recommendation. Thanks!

Hi Redsox and thanks for coming back to Sleep EZ! The next softest step would be to order medium/firm/firm, but that’s barely any softer, and she might not even notice the difference in softness. As such, I think she’d do just fine with medium/medium/firm. If she sleeps on that and it’s still too soft, she can rearrange the layers to medium/firm/medium, and if that’s still too soft, she can order an extra firm layer for exchange and end up with medium/firm/extra firm.