Mattress for heavy people, 300 lbs an above

any suggestions anyone?

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Since you are a mattress manufacturer it may be more valuable to include some of the things you would suggest for mattresses that are suitable for heavier body types :slight_smile:

Having said that … post #2 here and the posts it links to have some suggestions that would be helpful for those that are in higher weight ranges.


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Thanks for your reply and all the links that were helpful and confirmed we are on the right track.

We are creating a line of mattresses for heavy people and have incorporated in the spring versions heavier gauge offset coils and pocket coils and the non spring version latex with a heavy duty base core. These models are in the final stages of test and are rated to carry two people up to 400 lbs each. Quilt layers are stronger with more durable foams fibers and insulators pads and vary in build to alter comfort feel. We do not have any foam encased models in this line as a foam encased unit will not stand up to heavy weights applied to the seating edge. So far tests have shown the mattresses will stand the test of time.

I will keep you posted as we proceed to launch across Canada.



Hi Sleepking,

Thanks for sharing your plans and it’s good to see your focus on higher quality and more durable materials that would help with the useful life of a mattress with your retail customers that are in higher weight ranges. Some of these mattresses may also be a better choice for some consumers that are in more average weight ranges as well because the benefits of higher quality materials isn’t only limited to higher weight ranges so there may be some “spillover” benefit in the more mainstream market with your launch as well.

I hope you also share the details of your specs and foam types and densities in your mattresses with your retailers so they can use the information to better educate their customers and differentiate your heavier duty and more durable mattresses from other mattresses that are designed for more “average” weight ranges. In some cases the “weak link” of the customer education process is in the knowledge and experience of the retailers that will sell your mattresses and the more meaningful information they have available about “why” one mattress may be a better choice for some people than others the more they will be able to educate and inform their customers and help them to make the best possible choices for their specific circumstances.

Good luck in your roll out :slight_smile: