Mattress for Murphy bed

I have a new Murphy bed and am looking for a mattress to work with the unit. I am having problems finding the right match as the mattress will be stored vertically when not being used. About the time I find a winner, I find info that questions whether it will work with a Murphy bed. So thought I would start here for advice. I like the idea of latex or hybrid, but I have read they aren’t recommended for Murphy Beds??? Is that true? The Layla looked interesting, but can’t tell if the memory foam is the type that is like quicksand. The Tomorrow Hybrid also looked interesting, although I can’t find the depth, so not sure if it is 12" or under.

I am primarily a side sleeper and love a plush soft bed that I can sink into, but I do not like the quicksand of a memory foam bed at all. I feel like I have to physically lift myself out of the indent to change positions - ugh. Some mattresses say they are like memory foam, but don’t have that quicksand feeling. If that is true, that would be good. I am 56, so don’t need a bed that gets hot as I do that all on my own :-). I weigh about 150 lbs.

I am looking for a king size mattress
The mattress can’t be more than 12" deep to work with the Murphy bed
Want a plush soft feel, but not memory foam quicksand
I like the idea of a hybrid or a latex mattress if that would work with a murphy bed
$1,200.00 is about my limit in price
I am primarily a side sleeper
I like the idea of a “green” mattress, but realize that my options might be limited with this set up.

Can anyone point me to a couple mattresses that would work with a Murphy Bed and fit this criteria?

Thank you

Sarahb - I can’t be of any help regarding suitable mattresses for a Murphy bed but was able to find the height of the Tomorrow Hybrid which is confirmed on multiple sites as being 10". Good luck on you quest and hopefully someone here has direct experience with Murphy beds and can be of more help.

Hi sarahb,
While i believe our vZone latex mattress would be a wonderful fit for you, based on the information you’ve provided, it will not work with a Murphy bed setup. A layered sleep system with a zippered cover can cause issues in a Murphy bed when in the vertical position. We’ve done queen size 9" with laminated layers. But even the weight of a king size all latex would probably be too much for a Murphy bed, a hybrid will likely be the way to go.