Mattress Fundraiser

Some of the local schools here are having fundraisers selling mattress sets, Have you heard of this and do you think this is a good way to purchase?

Hi Johnf59,

I’ve seen several variations of this both on a local level and on a larger scale.

If the mattress that is being sold has good quality and value compared to others available and the “donation” that is being made as a result of the mattress purchase is coming from the reduced profit of the manufacturer or retailer then I would have no problem buying it as long as the donation isn’t somehow being included in the retail price. If the “donation” is coming from the pocket of the consumer (included in the price) and it isn’t the type of mattress I would buy anyway or if it doesn’t have comparable or better quality/value than a mattress I could buy somewhere else … then I suppose it would depend on how strongly I felt about donating to the cause/school that was being supported.

If they also don’t have people on hand that can provide good information about the materials in the mattress or the details of its layering then like any other mattress purchase I wouldn’t consider it. I would also hope that they have people on hand that have the experience and knowledge to help the people that are considering buying a mattress from them to make sure the mattress was suitable for their needs and preferences.

I personally would treat it just like any other mattress purchase and consider it based on its quality/value and suitability for my needs and preferences regardless of what it was supporting. If I felt strongly about supporting what they were raising funds for I would still buy the best quality/value mattress I could find in the area (whether it was from them or elsewhere) and then make a cash donation to their cause if I bought the mattress from somewhere else.

In other words … I wouldn’t buy a mattress for their sake or for the sake of what my purchase was supporting … I would buy it to match my needs and preferences.