Mattress helll..need suggestions!

Hello friends! Im feeling exhausted… searching for a soft /plush king mattress, 10-12 inch tall max, low motion transfer. Those are the top criteria… additional pluses would be: breathable/cooling, fits the platform to the edge (not short or narrower than king size the way some hybrids are). Any and all input is humbly and graciously appreciated!!

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Hi there Sleepywithlabs,
Are you looking for a hybrid mattress? And do you have specific pricing in mind?

Hello! I’m honestly good with a nice bouncy piece of foam at the moment. I kid… my dream bed is a European Sleepworks. Hybrid is preferred for the bouyant support…but the cooling of latex is attractive as well. And we have 2 large dogs so we need every inch of surface area we can get. The memory foam shapes are the best as they go to the actual edge of the platfor, bur are just too rigid and entrapped-feeling. We can spend up to 3k if it has like a 20 year warranty…otherwise id like to spend half of that.

we purchased a Latex factory Luxerion - it is a dunlop three 3 inch layer soft, med firm and topped this with a Turmerry soft 2.4 inch egg crate topper - The Luxerion is a soft mattress on its own but both my husband and I have sciatic nerve pain and arthritis issues and we are side sleepers so … we wanted the ultra ultra plush … We found this to be the best value for quality … If motion transfer is an issue I recommend going with two twin XL or a split king -instead of the king …We never looked back … my husband and I can customize our sides and exchange layers as needed and moving two twin XL is way easier than a king. Latex topped with wool sleeps a lot cooler than memory foam and we really enjoy the fast responding foam better than the memory foam " stuck in a ditch" feeling .

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Hi Sleepwithlabs.

If you haven’t already, we’d definitely recommend checking out our Mattress Shopping Tutorial and browsing what our Trusted Members have to offer.

For the lowest amount of motion transfer, an all-foam and/or split configuration is worth considering.

Latex is the coolest and most breathable of all the foams, so I’d also put that on your list of things to consider as you move forward.

Are you wanting to try a mattress in person, or is a bed-in-a-box acceptable?