Mattress Help Wanted

Not sure where to go from here. I finally convinced my husband to upgrade to a King but it has not been going well. We were sleeping on a queen that his mom bought him when he graduated officer candidate school we have no clue what it was because we got rid of it but neither of us were in pain with it.

Stats: I am a side sleeper currently around 170 but hoping to get back to my per pregnancy weight of 150ish, 5’7" and my husband is a combo sleeper but mostly side sleeper around 190, 6’ 1’. So far we have tried the following and had the following issues:

Awara - I had major lower back pain to the point of tears so we returned it. My husband was fine with it. Also got it for our twins as well they were also fine with it so we just returned the king.

WinkBed Soft - I had major upper back pain. My husband was fine with it. Took advantage of the exchange program.

WinkBed EcoCloud - 1st week I really liked it after that I was soso with it. My husband absolutely hated it, could not take his bitching about his backpain we temporarily switched back to the WinkBed Soft so I didn’t have to listen to him since they require you to keep both mattresses during a potential exchange but we did return both.

Casper Orginal - After our 1st 3 failed attempts my husband and his mom tried really hard to figure out what she had bought back in 2016ish and decided it had to be a Casper so we tired it. It is not anything like the mattress we had and I have upper back pain from it. My husband is fine. Were not sure we like full foam but were open to anything that mean we both sleep pain free.

Saatva Original Soft - Figured full foam didn’t work, hybrid didn’t work why not try innerspring. This has probably been the worst one for me, I have lower back pain, upper back pain, major left knee pain and foot pain from sleeping on this. My husband is fine. Also it does not feel that Soft but hey neither did the WinkBed Soft.

Prior to meeting my husband I bought a mattress the it was a Serta iComfort hybrid, had gone to a dozen or more stores laid on a ton of mattresses and this one was my favorite at all of them but after a week I found it so uncomfortable I ended up flipping it to the non-sleep side and putting a 1 inch Talalay mattress toper I got off amazon on it since it was nonreturnable. I was leaning toward latex because of this but not tied to it. Also returnable has been important to me because of that experience of the mattress not being returnable which why we went the bed in the box route but I am open to going to stores since bed in a box has not worked out yet. We are located in Ithaca, NY if that matters.

Just not sure where to go from here since I didn’t have a great in store experience and I am not having a good bed in a box experience either. I only had 1 pain free week of sleep since end of August when we started this journey and that was the week I stayed at an Embassy Suites for work, so I thought maybe I should try the Hilton Mattress but we stayed at a Hilton Garden in for a vacation a few weeks before my work trip and I had back pain that week so not sure that is the right call either. So I am open to any and all suggestion.

Go with mattresses at hotel.