Mattress Help

I bought a mattress a few weeks ago from Oklahoma Mattress. You helped me out a quite a bit. Unfortunately, our house had a fire a couple of weeks ago and the mattress was ruined. We are now living in a rental home and my wife and I HATE the mattress supplied by the rental company. We both wake up with back pains. It is definitely one of the worst beds I have ever slept on, including those at hotels. It is by Serta and is called Retreat Valley and is in their Perfect Sleeper line. It has a pillow top on both sides. The only other one they offer is also by Serta and is a plush mattress without the pillow top. You can see these online at Cort Furniture.

I really would prefer to wait until it’s closer to move back to our ‘real’ house before ordering another mattress from Oklahoma Mattress (they are heavy!). Do you have a suggestion on a topper that might help us out over the next few months? Or would we be wasting money on a topper when the underlying bed is not supportive? I have actually thought about looking at an outlet like Crazy Mike’s for a cheap king mattress that we could use to get us by but it might not be much better than the Serta.

Hi BigCTM,

I’m sorry to hear about your experience :frowning:

Cort Furniture doesn’t provide any specs on their two mattresses and Serta doesn’t make any double sided mattresses in their consumer line so what you have is one of their hotel mattresses. You could tell more about which one it was by the thickness of the mattress but my guess is that it’s likely on the lower end.

The lowest end Star Suite (non pillowtop) has a firm continuous coil innerspring and has about 2" of polyfoam and some pillowfill fiber on each side.

The next one up … the Royal Suite adds another 1/2" of quilting foam to the mix on each side.

The lowest end pillowtop adds another 1 3/8" convoluted foam on each side.

Places like Sams Club also sells different versions of their two sided hotel mattresses in “packs” ranging from 2 to 6.

Assuming what you have is one of these (there are more) … you can see a wholesale price for the Royal Suite here to give you a sense of what a “hotel mattress” sells for.

In general … the value of adding a topper to a mattress would depend on what you were trying to accomplish. If the mattress is too soft and is not supporting you well then a topper will usually just “follow” the softer foam.

If the mattress is too firm … then a softer topper can be an effective solution.

If a mattress only has about 2" of softer polyfoam in it and it is too firm … then a topper (and I would make it a cheaper “temporary” one) can be a good solution. I’m guessing that the pillowtop you have is too soft and doesn’t give you good support so the thinner plush version with a topper (as thin as does the job to keep you closer to the support layers) could work better.

Liquidation outlets like Crazy Mikes that sell “as is” mattresses may also be a good choice for temporary sleeping solutions if you don’t mind sleeping on something that has been used by someone else. It’s probably one step up from Craigslist (meaning they are likely “less used” :))