Mattress Manufacturer or Outllet Close to Mechanicsburg, PA

Hello Phoenix:

We live in a small town outside Harrisburg, PA…the town is Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. We are 10 miles from Harrisburg, 20 miles from Hershey, PA, 30 miles from York, PA and Lancaster, PA and I would not mind driving up to a couple hours for a good mattress.

We are looking for a queen size bed and have been sleeping in a wave-less water bed for 15 years…so looking for a mattress that is a transition between water and traditional if possible?

After reading your site it seems there is a lot to know about the materials used and manufacturing process…any way to narrow it down to a few statements so when we go shopping we have some idea what we should look for and ask the salesman about?

We have looked at sleep number beds, Sleep to Live beds (blue, blue MySide Series 6) but after reading your reviews they don’t seem like a good choice or value for the money.

This is my big question: Do you know of any mattress manufacturers or outlets in our general area? Your site recommends shopping with these sources for a good reasonably price mattress.

Thank you for your time in building the website and answering everyone’s questions.

Appreicate it,


Post #2 here has links to posts that include the better options near Mechanicsburg, PA as well as others that are further east and west of you.

Water as you know has a somewhat unique feel but softer latex may have some of the same qualities (possibly with a wool layer on top) and would probably come closest to the “floating” feel that you are used to but of course each person’s perceptions may be different. A forum search on “waterbed” you can just click this) will bring up other posts by people who are used to sleeping on waterbeds of various types and what they were considering. Memory foam would probably be my second choice coming from awaterbed even though it has less resilience it does allow you to sink in more.

I think the simplest approach is outlined in this post which has a step by step process that IMO will give you the best odds of ending up with a good quality and value mattress that “matches” your own unique needs and preferences. If you want a single statement as a guideline it would be something along the lines of …

“a mattress is only as good as its construction and the materials that are inside it so make sure you know what they are and only shop at places that can tell you”

and if you wanted a second it would be something along the lines of …

“each person is unique so make sure that you trust your own personal testing for PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) more than any theory or other people’s opinions”.

Yes … these are both among the mattresses (along with most other major brands) that the guidelines mentioned here (and linked in the earlier post I mentioned) suggest avoiding.

Hope this helps