Mattress Options in Oklahoma City

Hello everyone,

I am about to purchase a mattress after having made the mistake of buying a Serta Perfect Sleeper on a whim (I am fortunately still within the 7 day return period)–I am usually one to meticulously research things before I purchase them, but I guess I was feeling impulsive that day.

Regardless, I have read the information on this website and am trying to make the best decision I can. Most of the furniture stores in Oklahoma City are owned by the same local family, so any semblance of competition or choice is more or less illusory. Nonetheless, one local store offers Lady Americana mattresses (made locally) and another offers mattresses made by Sleep, Inc. (manufacturer or Englander, Spring Air, & Therapedic) to their specifications (also made locally). As far as I can tell, those are my best two options in town, but I am seeking the wisdom on these forums before I pull the trigger.

My max is around $1,000 for a queen-sized mattress–I don’t need box springs since I have a platform bed. I have narrowed my options down to two possibilities and would like your feedback on them, as well as any additional suggestions I should add to my list.

Option 1: Lady Americana “Magnifico” Box-Top (Silver Line) - $880

Height: 15"
Quilt/Cover: Four-way Stretch w/Silk plus High loft Fiber and 1.5" Supersoft foam
Comfort Layer: 3.75" Supersoft Foam - 1" Poly - .5" Talalay Lumbar Support
Mattress Support: 704 Individually Encased Coil Unit

Option 2: Sleep Spa Wellness Series “Refuge Plush” (made by Sleep Inc.) - $750

Height: 12"
Quilt: A non-toxic fire-retardant barrier quilted with 2 layers of Supersoft Luxury Foam
Upholstery: Talalay latex inlay with full panel layer of HD Luxury Foam
Coil Unit: 768 foam encased 3-zoned wrapped coils that have higher gauge steel in center third for more support
Edge support: Ultra foam encasement for added support and edge firmness

I tried to get more specific information about both models, but to no avail. I couldn’t even get information about the thicknesses of the layers on the “Refuge” model, and neither store had any idea about densities. I asked for spec sheets and they looked at me like I was nuts.

Regardless, given what little information I have given you and whatever knowledge you might have about these two manufacturers, what recommendations can you make for me? I am leaning toward the Refuge because its comfort layer doesn’t seem nearly as thick as the box top on the Lady Americana. The box top is quite comfy but I worry that it might break down quickly. Plus, I figure I can always add a latex topper to the Refuge if I want/need a thicker comfort layer.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi knculver,

You may have some better options than you realize in Oklahoma City including one of the recommended members of this site which are among the best quality/value available in the country. they are listed in post #2 here.

Unfortunately neither of the mattresses you are mentioning include the most important information which is the density/quality of the polyfoam layers that they use so there is really no way to make any meaningful comparisons with other mattresses. Since the odds are good that both of them use lower density polyfoam (1.5 lbs or less) … I wouldn’t consider either of them until I could confirm the quality of the materials and any possible weak links in the mattress.

Of course it is just as important to make sure that any mattress … regardless of the quality of the materials … is suitable for your needs and preferences (you can’t “feel” quality) and better retailers and factory direct manufacturers will also have the experience and knowledge to help you make choices that best fit your body type, sleeping style, and preferences as well in a mattress that fits your budget and has the best possible quality and durability that is available in your budget range. Both of these mattresses have some very thick layers of what is almost certainly low quality polyfoam in the comfort layers that will soften and degrade much more quickly than higher quality materials.

Some of the manufacturers of Lady Americana mattresses are better than others at providing this information to their retailers but either way a better retailer will understand the importance of providing this information to the customers who want to know and they should track these specs down for you. Trying to find them with your own research is both time consuming and frustrating because it is often fruitless and it is the job of the retailer anyway.


Try Mattress Sleep Center they have a location in Norman and Edmond they sale Latex Pure Bliss line up I got a split King Beautiful with adjustable base for 4800.00 very good deal. there a dealer in Ardmore Oklahoma that sells that same exact bed and base for 7500.00

Mattress sleep center website is

I took your advice and purchased a mattress from Oklahoma Mattress Company–I went with an innerspring mattress in “gentle firm” with a 2" soft Talalay latex topper. It will be ready in a week or two and I feel very good about my choice! Thanks for all of your help. I’ll let you know what I think of the mattress once I get it.

Hi knculver,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

As you know I think highly of Jim and the quality and value of his mattresses and I think you made a great choice

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received it and had a chance to sleep on it for a bit.


How do you like your purchase a year later? I visited them earlier in the week and will be going back today with my wife. She hasn’t tried a latex mattress but likes memory foam (which I hate). I also need to get more details from them on the actual materials as the lady, while very nice an helpful, couldn’t answer the specifics about the 6" talaly latex base and 4" comfort layers. I’m big, 250lbs when “skinny”, 280 when not so that info is important to me.