Mattress Pad Puddle Protector


I’ve narrowed down my search for a mattress cover which also has water resistance to these 4 options.

1)St Dormeir Wool Mattress Protector $124 (

2)Glideaway Comfort Premiere $95 (

3)Natura Protect Deluxe $139 ( (FYI the link you included on the other post about this pad doesn’t work)

4)Gotcha Covered Organic Cotton Jersey $83 (

There’s a decent price range between these options but what if any are the qualitative differences between them if at all? The materials all seem somewhat similar. How will they effect the feel of the mattress?


Hi bermannyc,

You can see some general comments about how wool quilted mattress protectors can differ from each other in post #2 here. While it would depend to some degree on the type of wool in the protector and on how it was felted, or needle punched to densify the wool … in very general terms thicker layers of wool will have a bigger effect on the feel and contouring of the layers below it than thinner layers of wool in a protector although some people may prefer the greater temperature regulating effect of thicker layers of wool as well. The post I linked also includes a link to my comments about the Natura Protect Deluxe which is the only one I’m personally familiar with and which we have been using for over 4 years. It also includes a thin semi breathable waterproof membrane backing which makes it more waterproof than other wool mattress protectors that don’t have the membrane but it can also reduce ventilation and airflow. It is also thicker than some of the others so it would have a bigger effect on the overall feel of the mattress than some of the others as well.

I don’t know how much wool is in the Glideaway Comfort Premier but it also has a semi breathable waterproof membrane as well. I haven’t seen any comments on the forum from any members that own it.

The Dormeir has less wool and has a cotton terry fabric which has a little bit of stretch so it would probably have the least effect on the mattress of any of the wool quilted protectors (at least that I’m aware of). It also doesn’t have a membrane so it would be water resistant more than waterproof but it would also be more breathable than the others.

The Gotcha Covered is one of the thin membrane types of protectors and it uses a more stretchy knit fabric without any wool so it would have the least effect on the feel of the mattress out of the 4 protectors that you listed.

Thanks for the heads up about the dead link as well. I’ve corrected it in the mattress protector reference post.


I read your other post about the protectors and saw that you were more into the St. Dormeir (if you could do it all over again). I was leaning towards that one as well, but how good do you think it is at the water resistance without one of the membranes? Will the wool be sufficient?

Hi bermannyc,

That’s really a “best judgement call” that would depend on the person. For us “water resistant” would be “enough” and it would be enough to protect the mattress from the normal body oils or liquids that people release over the course of the night but if there was a bigger chance for a larger “accident” that might be left for longer periods of time on the protector or for someone that perspired much more than normal then there may be some possibility that it could go through the protector and reach the mattress and they may want something that was closer to “waterproof” with the membrane.


It’s for my son who is 3 so that’s why I am concerned.

Hi bermannyc,

You would know your son better than I would but for a younger child then “waterproof” may be less risky in terms of occasional accidents than “water resistant”.


In searching around locally, a lot of places carry Bed Gear Dri Tech 5.1 protectors. What are your thoughts on these? They’re obviously not all natural etc. I was going to get the Sleep and Beyond MyProtector and then a salesman pushed this on me,

Hi bermannyc,

I don’t have any personal experience with them but they are one of the “thin membrane” types of protectors and you can see my thoughts about them in the mattress protector post here.

Protectors with a more waterproof and semi breathable membrane are more waterproof than wool protectors without a membrane so they would make a suitable choice where there is a relatively high risk of “accidents”.