mattress protecters

i bought a new bed 4 mths ago i also at the same time bought a mattress protecter since then i have sweated every night it has been unbearable to sleep however i took the mattress cover off and the sweating has gone could the mattress cover cause this and why

Hi kassa,

You can read more about the factors that are involved in temperature regulation, ventilation, and humidity control in a mattress in post #2 here.

You can also read about the main types of mattress protectors and some of the tradeoffs involved (including temperature regulation) in post #89 here.

When you have a less breathable type of mattress protector (such as the thinner membrane types that are waterproof but “semi-breathable”) … they can increase the insulating (vs ventilating) ability of any less breathable materials under them and sleep hotter for some people.

Sheets can also have a big effect on temperature regulation with fabrics such as cotton, bamboo (or other types of viscose materials), and linen (flax) being much better at wicking moisture away from the body and allowing airflow than synthetics such as polyester.

How hot someone sleeps on a mattress will be a combination of all the layers in the mattress along with their protector, and bedding along with the person’s tendencies to sleeping hot and the environmental conditions in the bedroom.