Mattress protector for Memory foam bed

Im currently buying a Memory Foam mattress and I need a mattress protector. I need one that is waterproof and prevents bed bugs. What is the best one to purchase? I need 1 for my children and 1 for me. I want a nice one that I still can get the feel from the memory foam mattress but also protects any liquids & bed bug, dust mites, or anything else

Hi Missnicole85,

There is more information about the pros and cons of different types of mattress protectors and some examples of each of them in post #89 here that should be helpful.

There is a difference between a mattress protector (which are generally 5 sided and fit over the mattress like a fitted sheet and are easily removed for cleaning) and a mattress allergy (or bed bug) encasement which completely encloses the mattress on all sides and has a zipper to close it off and are much more difficult to remove (and aren’t meant to be removed or cleaned on a regular basis).

I would keep in mind that a mattress encasement that is suitable for bed bugs can prevent bed bugs from infesting your mattress (or escaping your mattress if they are already there) but they won’t prevent a bed bug infestation in your home because bed bugs can hide in many places in your home besides just your mattress.

If you are also looking for a mattress encasement to help protect against dust mites and/or bed bugs then there is also more about dust mites and allergies in post #2 here and there is more information about mattress allergy and bed bug encasements in post #2 here and the posts it links to that can help you choose between different products or combinations of products that best fit your own specific needs and criteria.