Mattress protector for Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze

Hello all,

Just joined the site and wish I had sooner. Just purchased a new Tempurpedic Rhapsody Breeze mattress and so far it is going well.

When I purchased the mattress the sales person recommended a mattress protector. I decided to pass because I already have a mattress pad. Here’s where my question comes in.

I previously had a sleep number bed and my wife and I hated it. At the time we purchased a mattress cover/pad which has the cooling material in it. Unfortunately sleep number would not take back the mattress pad so we are stuck with it.

Here’s the info on the mattress pad.

Sleep Number® In Balance™ Mattress Pad

We were planning on using this pad with our new mattress however I wonder if this pad is suitable for my new mattress. I have the following concerns.

  1. The new mattress already has cooling material so I’m not sure if this mattress pad impacts the effectiveness of the mattress cooling material.
  2. The mattress pad is not waterproof
  3. Not sure if the mattress pad impacts the memory foam perhaps making it less conforming to my body or impacting it in another negative way.

The mattress salesman who I purchased the tempurpedic mattress recommended the following mattress cover.

He stated this mattress cover was a good pair with my mattress.

I then wondered why not recommend the tempurpedic mattress cover, surely that cover is the best match to my mattress, however he said the one he was recommending was better. Not sure if he makes more money on the former than on the tempurpedic cover.

Here’s the tempurpedic cover:

It would seem that the tempurpedic cover isn’t waterproof so perhaps that is not good…

Lastly I did find a mattress cover that appears to be really similar to the one the salesman tried to sell me but it’s 1/3 the price.

Here’s the other one:

My biggest concern is the foam functionality the feel/cooling material would be impacted by a mattress cover so I would like to find one that doesn’t impact my mattress but still gives me the protection.

Perhaps I’m over thinking things… :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi maynerd,

You can read more about mattress pads in post #10 here but they are not the same thing as a mattress protector and are designed more to change the feel or performance of a mattress that needs some “fine tuning” and not so much to protect it. In the case of your mattress pad it would likely affect the feel and response of your tempurpedic mattress so it wouldn’t feel or perform the way you tested it although this could be an improvement or may make your mattress worse. Some mattress pads have a dual function and will protect the mattress from body fluids, skin cells and accidents as well as changing how it feels but yours is designed more to affect the mattress than protect it.

Post #89 here has more about the pros and cons of different types of mattress protectors that are more designed to protect the mattress than change how it feels and includes several links to several similar options that can help you make the best choice for you. A mattress protector is an important part of a sleeping system to protect the mattress and to keep the sleeping surface clean and hygienic and to prevent any stains which will void the warranty.

The Dri-tec protector and the Cool Shield protector as well as the Tempurpedic are the “thin membrane” type of protectors that are semi breathable but either waterproof or highly water resistant but because they don’t breathe as well as other types the tradeoff is that they can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress for some people. Using natural fibers or some type of temperature regulating fabric in the protector can sometimes help offset the increase in sleeping temperature to some degree. There are also other factors that can affect the sleeping temperature of a mattress as well (see post #2 here).

These types of protectors are the most common choice with a memory foam mattress because they tend to have less effect on the feel and response of the memory foam.


Would using one of these semi-breathable, waterproof “thin membrane” protectors, like the DriTech, over a latex mattress that uses wool in its quilting, totally offset any benefits of this wool?

Hi brc722,

It would offset some of the temperature regulating benefits of the wool yes but not all. Each of the factors involved in temperature regulation will have a combined effect in combination with all the other factors.


Thanks phoenix. I will continue my research!