Mattress protector/ mattress pad

I am thinking of getting the Natural escape. Do you recommend a mattress protector on top to prevent stains? If so, do you also sell them? I could not find anything on the website.
It would be a shame to buy a mattress protector that is full of chemicals so I would appreciate some tips.
The other issue:
I had asked about the King size before ( one inch size discrepancy to regular King on your website). I just bought a Thuma ( The perfect platform bed frame - The Bed | Thuma) bed and I am still concerned that the mattress will fit right. Sorry for being paranoid but the bed frame extends out 2.5 inches all the way around and I don’t want to see the slats because it turns out the mattress is slightly smaller.
I would love to get your bed, people only say good things…
Thanks for answering my questions. It is much appreciated!

Hello, we do recommend use of a mattress protector with any of our mattresses, and we do offer our own. You can view it here:

Organic Cotton Protector

Our mattresses are handmade and, therefore, can have a 1/2"-1" variance from standard sizing. The difference is negligible, especially once your bedding is applied, and should not pose an issue whatsoever!

My Green Mattress