Mattress Protector with good elasticity?


Anybody know of a breathable, waterproof mattress protector that has decent elasticity for a latex matterss? I originally thought protectors like Protect-a-Bed and Luna were a stretchable material, but I’m being told that isn’t the case. I could have sworn some of the sample mattress protector material found in most bedding stores was elastic, but apparently not??

Anybody own a thin waterproof mattress protector who can comment??


I own a Protect a Bed mattress protector. Mine has elastic type fitting so it does stretch, actually my packaging stated it fitted 9-14" or so. I know they have multiple options in protection, but their standard “terry cloth” type protector does defintley stretch and hold.

Yeah, the perimeter fitting stretches, but what about the fabric itself? If you could, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d lift a corner of your sheet so you can grab that protector with two hands and see if you can stretch it or if it behaves like a normal cotton sheet does that has basically zero elasticity to it.