Mattress Protector

Do you recommonded using a mattress protector? If so, which ones.

Going to use it on the Ultimate Dream Gel 13 inch mattress. Do protectors change the feel of memory foam much?

I’ve been looking to get this one: it’s got a lot of good reviews.

Hi Smuscles,

Yes … I think a mattress protector is important to protect the mattress from body fluids, stains, and accidents. There are several types and each has it’s own pros and cons and tradeoffs involved which you can read about in post #89 here.

the thin membrane type such as the Luna are a popular choice because they are waterproof and they are also thin and stretchy so for most people they have little effect on the feel of the mattress. The tradeoff is that they are less breathable and ventilating than the other two types and for some people they can increase the sleeping temperature of the mattress.


Ok that’s great info.
Any good recommendations?
Breathable and ventilating, sleeping cool is the most important.
The feel is too, don’t want that shower curtain feel that you mentioned in the other post.
Also something quiet, dont want to wake up from crinkling noises.

Waterproof is not a concern at all, least important.

That almost looks like the same one I got from Brooklyn Bedding:

I can feel the foam better than my other protector which had quilted padding. No problem with heat either.
I wish I had gotten it when I was trying out the latex mattress that I had.

Hi Smuscles,

Prices and products like this change so much that I don’t make specific suggestions and focus more on helping with how to choose rather than what specific product to choose. I would use google to find the best prices for the type you prefer although there are some sources for each of them listed in the post I linked. If you are looking at the membrane type I would also look at the type of material that is on one or both sides of the membrane and would tend to avoid synthetic fabrics which are less breathable and don’t absorb or hold moisture as well and more stretchy would be preferable over less stretchy (would affect the mattress less). I don’t have enough personal experience with all the different brands to make specific recommendations outside of helping members to know the pros and cons of each of the different types or categories.

I would also put value on the descriptions and recommendations of a good mattress manufacturer or retailer as well who tend to choose and sell better quality/value accessory products.