Mattress Protectors

We just got our new mattress and put our old mattress protector on the second night. It’s an encasement protector. I noticed a big difference in pressure relief with the protector on when my husband is in bed as well. I suppose this is the “drum” effect. I basically feel like I am lying on the protector elevated above the mattress. I’ve read a lot of the posts on protectors and feel that we will probably need to go with a waterproof protector, since we have two kids still in diapers. They don’t share the bed with us, but I assume they will find there way there at some point! So I am looking for any help on picking a waterproof protector that will actually let me experience my mattress. It was amazing the first night when we didn’t use the protector! If we get one that is like a fitted sheet, will this reduce/eliminate the drum effect?

Hi CFT221,

Yes, zippered encasements (depending upon the material and backing used) can definitely impact the surface comfort of the mattress, as you’ve discovered. A fitted sheet style mattress protector certainly can help reduce this effect, not only because of the lack of tautness, but also for the ability to allow air to easily circulate from under the mattress when weight is applied to the top of the mattress. If you’re choosing something with a polyurethane waterproof film, go with a thinner film and one that is bonded to a more flexible material (as an example, the Luxury versus the Premium protectors from Protectabed). As you mentioned, make sure it is waterproof versus water-resistant.

Hopefully some of the site members here will be willing to share some input on their favorite mattress protectors in addition to what I know you’ve already read in the links to the thread I’ve already provided.


I just wanted to update that I bought the luxury protector from Protect A Bed. I was hesitant to put it on because I was enjoying the full feel of our latex bed without our original encasement protector. I finally put it on yesterday and it did slightly change the feel…maybe taking away a tiny bit of the spongy feel of the latex. But surprisingly, I really like the feel. I do notice the stretchiness of the protector, and I would recommend it as one to try if you want something that allows you to keep as much of the feel of the mattress as possible.


I’m glad the Luxury protector from Protectabed is working for you. That’s the one I use on my latex mattress and I’ve found it to be the least obtrusive of the polyurethane film protectors I’ve tried. You’re correct that it does slightly change the feel, as does any layer placed between you and the mattress, but it’s much better than using their Premium protector (or similar items), as that has a thicker polyurethane film and also the cotton toweling instead of the Tencel layer in the Luxury.