Mattress Recommendations Please!


I am new around here and the amount of information is almost overwhelming! I am so grateful to have these resources available. I recently purchased an Avocado Green Queen size mattress, but it has proven to be too firm for me and I will be returning it shortly. I am hoping y’all can help me out with recommendations!

I am 4’11 and around 180lbs. I have carpal tunnel syndrome and had trouble with my wrist/hand pain and pins and needles with the Avocado mattress. I didn’t have as much of an issue with my previous bed (Nulo). I do get some lower back pain on occasion, which I think is mostly related to my daytime posture but is exacerbated by my habit of falling asleep on my stomach. I find that I wake up on my side, and I’m trying to make a more concerted effort to have a good sleep posture on my side. I also sleep with a partner who is 5’11 and 145lbs and is primarily a stomach sleeper and prefers a firmer mattress (he likes the Avocado mattress). We usually have at least one dog in the bed as well (1 yo, 50lb Siberian husky mix and 3 yo 35lb poodle mix, in case you were wondering;) :wink: ), so we’re hoping to upgrade to a king mattress.

The Avocado mattress was about $2000 when all was said and done, and I definitely would consider that at the very top of our budget. We prefer latex and natural materials where possible. Thank you!

Hi Pacificellie and welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile:

It’s not uncommon to feel some ‘analysis paralysis’ when looking for a new mattress,
It certainly can be an overwhelming amount of information! Keep in mind when looking for a new mattress that only you can judge what feels comfortable to you…based on your stats (height, BMI, sleeping position(s), and any underlying health conditions) and your PPP (posture and alignment, pressure relief, and personal preferences). I would recommend you start with the Mattress Shopping Tutorial, and also the Mattress Specifications You Need To Knowas well as the Mattress Durability Guidelines to get a better idea of the various materials used in mattresses and how they hold up over time.

The Avocado green is a well-made product, with a 5-zone edge support coil support layer and 3" of med-firm latex, 2" in the comfort layer and a 1" base…. Did you try the Avocado Green with the euro top option? This adds an additional 2 inches of plusher feeling Dunlop latex on top of the standard model, although since your partner prefers a firm mattress and you feel the Avocado is too firm, there may be a bit of compromise involved. Also, a mattress topper in a plusher comfort level would possibly help – Remember that you can always make a firmer mattress a bit softer by adding a softer topper but you can never make a softer mattress, firmer. If you attempt that it may feel softer but this may affect the neutral alignment of the spine. In the case you are still considering Avocado it becomes a question of finding something that suits both of you ( I’m sure the puppies will be happy with whatever you decide on! :slight_smile: ) But I think given your population per sq ft, a kings size mattress is a good thing in terms of real estate and get undisturbed sleep due the motion transference.

“Pins and needles” when you wake up in the morning definitely indicate a mattress that is too firm (especially as you have “carpal tunnel” and you’d restrict the circulation of blood in the arm if you have in any part of the arm under your body). Another observation is that “flipping” from stomach to side is the worst in terms of balance of support/comfort between the two sleeping positions. If I were you, I’d try to “train” myself to fall asleep on the side as well and try to match the comfort/support needed for you for a side sleeping position.

Good choice of materials for a new mattress. You may want to consider a split king as obviously your partner stomach sleeping needs a firmer comfort and support for the Spinal alignment to avoid any hyperextension that can be created by too much sinking in. If you are considering online purchases, you may want to look at the offerings of theTrusted Members of the site, as they have great experience in finding the perfect mattress for consumers; with just a small bit of information they can determine which mattress would be most suitable for the both of you if you tell them your experience with the Avocado. They all have great transparency in their construction and materials, and most ship anywhere in the US and they have good warranty and return policies as well. With a little more leg work and a few phone calls you should be able to find a great comfortable bed.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you have additional questions as you progress with narrowing your search down on your next mattress.

~ Basilio