Mattress Ripped by White Glove Delivery

Recently received our king size hybrid mattress from Silk & Snow after 2 month wait. We paid for the “White Glove” delivery and they damaged our mattress while opening the packaging (bag) which mattress was in. They tore the side of mattress with the razor provided by Silk & Snow within the box. It’s been a week of back and forth with email/phone tag mostly me having to contact them because they do not get back to me when they say they would. My question is what should be appropriate in terms of resolving this? A full replacement of mattress or simple repair as i am worried about the tear increasing in size over time. I cannot attach jpeg pics for some reason

Hi SleepySheep.

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I am sorry that it is under the circumstances of your damaged mattress! It’s hard to know what a normal time frame is for resolution as every company has a different escalation process for these kinds of things. I would say that as long as it’s within the 100 night “testing” period, you’re likely good…however, they are sneaky in that their warranty says:

“This warranty does not cover…4. Physical abuse or damage to the structure and / or cover material, including but not limited to, burns, cuts, tears, liquid damage & stains, or soiling.”

But, since this was done by their own white glove delivery people, I have to believe an exception would be warranted.

I would follow up every phone call with an email to keep a written trail/record of all things discussed and to prevent them from being able to flip flop or give you conflicting info over the phone verse in an email, etc.

What has their response to the situation been so far when you are able to connect?