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We have ruled out the tempur-pedic. Like the a Simmons Beauty Rest with closed foam, but Beauty Rest reviews are awful. Tried out a Sealy Mira Vista. Priced half of the Beauty Rest. reviews are awful. We don’t have a lot of places to choose from. Jacksonville ,NC and Morehead City are 20 min. away. I’ve not run across any generic brands in our area.
We like the memory foam that is closed.
Suggestions please

Hi Karen,

The NXG memory foam that Simmons mostly uses is actually more of the “open celled” memory foam type rather than “closed cell” memory foam type. While memory foam in general is more closed celled than other types of foam (this is the nature of the material) there is a wide range in between the two extremes. If you find that the more open celled types (either by their formulation or because of their lower density) doesn’t “match” what you are looking for … then other types of foam or even foam combinations (that may include memory foam but not use is exclusively in the comfort layers) may better “fit” your needs and preferences. Closed cell memory foam is generally hotter and more temperature responsive (can be firmer or “too firm” with cold and softer or “too soft” with heat) than open celled memory foam varieties and is generally not as popular as memory foam that is more breathable (cooler) and has a wider range of “consistent” temperature performance … although each person of course may have different preferences.

In post #6 here I provided a list of some local “possibilities” (which will need more research and I’ve also added one more) and some suggestions that may be helpful but as I mentioned there … there are not a lot of “great” or “simple” choices in your area and and if none of these turn out to be suitable for you … then an online purchase and working with a knowledgeable and experienced online or “over the phone” manufacturer may be well worth considering.

The closest factory direct manufacturers to you that I’m aware of are included in post #6 here (centered in Raleigh, NC) and in post #155 here (centered in Fayetteville, NC) and are over 100 miles away from you.

There are also some retail possibilities in the Jacksonville / Wilmington, NC area in post #5 here but most of these are also further away from you.