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I’m still searching for the perfect mattress. I like the iseries by Serta. Definitely do not like the memory foam type of mattress. I live in Swansboro, NC. I’m willing to go as far as Charlottee or Raleigh area for this mattress. Our local stores only carry Serta, Sealy, Simmons Beauty Rest, and I found one latex by Stern and Foster, which I like. It is priced at $2,200 for a King. We do not have any off brands except what I found in the Ashley Store in Morehead City, with the Ashley name. Please give me some recommendations of other quality mattress that are not these name brands and located somewhere in North Carolina. Someone told me about a great mattress place wher the mattress are made . Location is Cameron NC. I have not been able to find the store. Suppose to be close to Pinehurst,NC.
Sleepless in Swansboro-

Hi karen,

The iSeries is actually a type of memory foam mattress (or memory foam hybrid) and they all have at least some gel memory foam in the comfort layers along with other types of memory foam, polyfoam, or latex. The innerspring is good quality (and an innerspring wouldn’t be the weak link of a mattress) but the comfort layers in some cases use some very low quality materials. You can see the different types of materials they use in iSeries in the iComfort information in post #11 here. The only iSeries models that don’t use low quality/density 1.35 lb polyfoam (what they call comfort foam and support foam) in the comfort layers are the top 3 models. You can see the layering of each of the models here.

While the top 3 models are the better ones in the line (and the most expensive) … none of the iSeries or any of the major brands would have great value and I would read this article (if you haven’t already) before considering any major brand. the Stearns & Foster “luxury latex” for example uses mostly synthetic latex (the lowest quality and cost type of latex) called “smart latex” and they also have a lot of polyfoam in the upper layers of the mattress. In spite of this … they sell for more than many other mattresses that use much higheer quality latex without the “weak link” of the polyfoam in them. I would also avoid the Ashley which also uses some low quality materials.

Post #155 here includes the factory direct outlets in and around Fayettesville which are the closest to you.

The Raleigh list is in post #6 here.

Charlotte, NC is in post #2 here.

Some of the “possibilities” in the Jacksonville and Wilmington area but would require some further research are in post #5 here.

Post #5 here also has a list of possibilities centered on Morehead City, NC. which would be the closest to you but it doesn’t include any factory direct manufacturers


Thank you for the info about locations. Heading to Greenville, NC tomorrow. Can you recommend any mattress stores worth checking out?
Are you familiar with Bemco mattresses or Kingsdown?
Hopefully with all the information you are sharing I can begin to narrow my search. I’d love to fine a mattress that is a cross between the closed memory foam and the regular coil mattress. The information you provide is very helpful and greatly appreciated.
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Hi karen,

There is a list in post #5 here centered on Morehead city which has a few possibilities in New Bern but I haven’t talked with them so they would need some research to find out how much they know and can tell you about what is in their mattresses.

I took a quick look around Greenville, NC as well and there also isn’t a lot there but some of the possibilities that would also need some further research, along with the brands they carry that may have some better value include … Greenville, NC. Park Place Kinston, NC Spring Air, Imperial.

Southern Mattress, a Premium Economy Custom Mattress Manufacturer, Nationwide Delivery, Toll Free 1-800-227-8701 Rocky Mount, NC. Factory direct manufacturer that sells mostly wholesale to retail outlets but they also have a showroom at their factory that sells directly to consumers. They make some high quality traditional innerspring /polyfoam mattresses (including HR polyfoam) that are better quality and value than mainstream manufacturers in their price range. Very good quality and value in this style of mattress. Rocky Mount, Wilson, NC. Park Place Rocky Mount. Bemco Elm city. Spring air, Therapedic Williamston, NC Therapedic Goldsboro, NC Restonic

Kingsdown is one of the major brands that I would stay away from. Like most of the larger brands they won’t tell you any meaningful information about what is in your mattress and you will end up paying a lot of money foe a lot of polyfoam. Their MySide is very expensive for the type of materials they use. You could do a forum title search for “MySide” but it probably isn’t worth the time because they all basically say “very poor value”.

Bemco has some possibilities but it depends on which factory is using the brand. It is a licensee group and some factories that license the name and use it for name recognition for their own mattresses will tell you what is in their mattresses but others would require a lot of effort to find out any meaningful information about the mattresses that use the name. If the retailer can’t tell you all the layers and the quality specs of the foam layers (including the density of any polyfoam or memory foam) or doesn’t understand the importance of this information and you feel like you are “putting then out to get it” then I would pass them by. A forum search on “Bemco” (you can just click this) will bring up more information and the posts that mention them.

I think your best odds are in the other links I posted but if you make a few calls first in the Greenville area to “interview” the outlets I listed along the lines of this article, you may find some of the better local value there as well.