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Has anyone heard of Best mattress? I am looking into a t-latex mattress and live in Idaho, so my options are rather limited. Read some good things from their site but would like some outside opinions. I weigh anywhere from 20-215 and sleep on my side. Issues I have are the dreaded hot spots on my hips from my off the shelf memory foam topper. Based on those attributes i need a firm latex, perhaps in the 40-44idl range with a plush top. Prefer a flippable mattress as well.
If there are any recommendations for places to go and try in the inland or pacific northwest, is much appreciated.


Hi Koeur,

I’m only aware of two outlets called “Best mattress”. One is a factory direct manufacturer in South Carolina and the other is in Pennsylvania but has no website that I know of and a call to them reaches a generic message with no identification.
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Do you have a link to the site you are referring to?

I’d also be happy to give you a list of any local manufacturers or better outlets I may know of in your area but it would help me to know your zip or nearest town or city to center the search on.

Post #2 here includes some of the better possibilities near Boise.

Post #2 here includes some of the better choices in Washington state including Spokane. It seems that the website for Sunrise Mattress is gone though and their phone number is NIS so it appears they may no longer be in business.


Hi Phoenix,
My zip code is 83814 (coeurdalene idaho). The link for NW bedding looks promising as does the higginsons flooring site , alothough which of their beds do you recommend? We just want the best place with the best beds we can drive to and check out.



Hi Koeur,

There are 3 factory direct manufacturers in Spokane and several retailers that carry latex (as well as other types of mattresses) so a trip there would be well worthwhile.

Local factory direct manufacturer that makes good quality products based in Spokane. They used to be a King Koil licensee but have “gone back to their roots” as a factory direct outlet. They make “all talalay latex” mattresses with no polyfoam as well as a full range of all types of mattresses and are happy to provide the layering and information about every layer in their mattress.
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint: Local factory direct manufacturer. Makes a full range of mattresses including memory foam, latex, and custom builds that have good value. Paul is the owner and is well worth talking to.

Denver Mattress® - The Easiest Way to Get the Right Mattress Spokane, Spokane Valley. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Carries a range of mattress that they make including latex options which use good quality materials and have good value. I would ignore the major brands they also carry.

Smaller retailer that carries Easy rest, Pure Talalay Bliss, and Lady Americana.
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Furniture and Mattress in Pullman, Colfax and Palouse WA | Higginson's Retailer in Pullman. I have talked with them on the phone several times and they too were very helpful. They carry Pure Talalay Bliss which is a high quality line of talalay latex mattresses and they also carry FXI memory foam mattresses.

Depending on what you are looking for … Twilight may have better value overall, NW bedding probably has the best selection of different mattresses. There are two specialty mattresses (the Snowmass and the Aspen which are “mostly talalay latex”) at Denver (now replaced with a different latex mattress / topper model) but they also have good value and their lower priced mattresses also use higher than average quality polyfoam (1.8 lb) and if you are in a lower budget range they are also worth including in your search.

You have some good choices that are all reasonably close together.


Hi phoenix
Nw bedding beds were ok but the sales peeps were not knowledgeable. Maybe because they have three bed models. Beds felt ok but didn’t wow.

Higgins plb were very pricey and felt better to lie on but you pay up to 500$ extra for a foam topper plus another $3500 for the bedset.

For giggles I tried the natura and felt pleasurable relief but not sure why. They were phasing them out and only floor models available.

What are your thoughts on toppers and natura?


Hi Koeur,

Two down … two to go :slight_smile: Did you get a chance to visit twilight mattress? They would probably be my first choice in terms of value and they can also do custom builds which means that they can work with you and make suggestions to make the mattress that works best for you based on your feedback about the models they have on the floor. The two Denver mattress “mostly latex” mattresses are also good value.

Do you know the details of which models you tried at NW bedding and the PLB models you tried. Knowing the details and your specific feedback on what you liked and didn’t on each in terms of pressure relief, alignment, and overall feel can be very helpful in narrowing down the layering that you need and prefer. It would also be helpful to know which Natura model you tried.

I personally wouldn’t add a topper to the PLB lineup because they already have various thicknesses of soft latex in the upper layers of their mattresses and for many people the ultra soft topper would be overkill IMO. I’m not sure what you mean by a “bedset” for $3500.

Natura is a high quality mattress but in most cases is significantly overpriced IMO compared to many other options. The floor models may have better value depending on the prices they are charging and of course the model. Many of their models also tend to use thick layers of wool which I personally would prefer to add as a separate mattress pad rather than as part of the mattress itself so if it compresses over time it can be replaced without replacing the whole mattress.


Hi ,
We went to Denver mattress today and really liked the value of the Snowmass. The Aspen left some hot spots on the hips, perhaps as it is the softer model. Good price point vs. the comfort level we experienced. They also had good value on toppers for our guest room beds. The PLB toppers for a king size were $500. yikes.

The Natura model was, I think, the natural latex line, perhaps the Bloom Plush with an additional 2" topper.

The PLB model that we liked better than the others was the Beautiful without an additional topper.

NW bedding models are all the same, they just add a thicker topper to change the feel (according to the salesman). Otherwise they are pretty firm with a 1" topper.

We decided to forgoe Twighlight due to some local feedback on their business practices. So that will not be an option.

So do you think we should pull the trig on the Snowmass?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Koeur,

The comments by the salesman at NW bedding seem odd. While their mattresses certainly seem to be more than many other local manufacturers and even more than a similar PLB equivalent (in the case of the all latex Spokane City Lights which is almost identical to the PLB Nutrition), their website does seem to indicate that they have quite a few different latex and latex hybrid mattresses.

The Natura Bloom Plush would also be a good choice in terms of quality and construction (9" of latex in different layers and wool in the quilting) but I would assume that like most Natura mattresses it is probably a fair bit more than other similar mattresses.
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I’m surprised that Twilight Bedding has had some negative local comments. They were good to talk with on the phone, have been around for many years, have a very good A+ BBB rating in spite of not being a member (which is not easy to do without being a member), there are no negatives I could find on the web (25 pages into a search), and their latex mattresses have good value. These are all indications that usually match the profile of the type of local manufacturer that I like. Sometimes the local community knows things though but it does seem surprising.

As far as pulling the trigger on the Snowmass … once all your choices are good ones I try to bow out and leave the final decisions to each person’s preferences and personal “value equation” but I will say that IMO it is a good value choice.


The new link to Twilight is:

Talking to them now, will probably go by tomorrow or the next day. My antics have taken me far and wide but I’ll report on all of that when I finally find my One True. :slight_smile:

Also, Lena at NW bedding is awesome. I kinda/maybe fell in love with one of their beds, but I’m looking for a smaller price point. She said she would work with me on the price, but I didn’t pursue that line of convo with her, because I am pretty sure I can do this cheaper. I liked dealing with her, because she understood my health problems really well, and other concerns, such as durability/price, and she understood the product, and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured at all.

Hi downlover,

Thank you for the new link. I’ve updated it on the Spokane list.