Mattress shipped in a box

So we have finally decided to get a memory foam mattress and were looking into getting a Tempurpedic mattress, but thanks to this website we learned about online direct factory manufactures like angelbeds and select foam that can deliver a comparable product to tempurpedic with a lower price. After looking at their websites,we called them and I got a lot of my questions answered. However, when I asked them,they both seem to ship their mattresses folded up in a box. I know that tempurpedic mattresses are always delivered flat. So, after hearing about the way these mattresses are shipped, I had some concerns. One being if shipping the mattresses in a box actually bends the foam structure and destroys the integrity of the mattress leading to less durability, more sagging, etc… Whether true high density foams is even able to fit into a box… Will the mattress cover on the outside be wrinkled and does the matress flatten out okay. If anyone has experience with this , please let me know. I am really thinking about buying from these companies and this is probably one of the only things that is keeping me from putting an online order right now.

Hi dxmichelle,

In most cases mattresses that use good quality materials can easily be roll packed (compressed and rolled up into a box) without creating any issues at all with the quality or durability of the materials.

The only time this may create an issue is if they are compressed for a long period of time either in shipping (if they are made overseas) or in storage. If they are roll packed only for shorter periods of time such as short term storage or the time it takes to ship them to you then there is no problem.


Thank you for your reply! I just placed the order for a Regalis HD from Select Foam and I am very excited!

Now, I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions about what pillows/sheets to buy to go with that…

Hi dxmichelle,

You certainly made a good choice and first of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback and comments when you receive it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a while.

You will find some good information and feedback about pillows in the pillow thread here.

There is also some good information and links to resources about different types of sheets and materials in post #7 here and post #26 here and some of the other posts and resources they link to as well :slight_smile: