Mattress shopping in DE

Can you recommend any good places for mattress shopping in DE? We have been looking at a couple of different places. We like the feel of the Optimum and Simmons Truenergy Becca, but in reading your posts, I am worrying if those really are good choices. We have never owned a memory foam mattress and would love some input.

Hi khdh,

There are some general guidelines and a step by step process that can help you find the best mattress for your unique needs and preferences in post #10 here.

If you can let me know the city or zip where you live (a state is too large an area for me to look through) … I’d be happy to let you know of any better outlets I’m aware of in your area.


Thanks Phoenix. Wilmington 19803

I do not have much information about shops in your area. You should search online for mattresses. there are several good websites that provide you good quality mattress and mattress pads. Almost all the big businesses have their websites online so it would be easy for you to choose a mattress with several option available. Even if you do not want to buy a mattress online, you can have a look to get the overview of the price.

What brands do you recommend?

Hi khdh,

The better choices within reasonable driving distance of Wilmington are in post #4 here. Out of these … the ones I would suggest visiting would be Magic Sleeper in Pottstown and Verlo.

I took a look to see what may be more in your “back yard” and unfortunately the area is dominated mainly by chain stores like Sleepy’s, Mattress Giant etc and I wouldn’t visit any of them.

For any of the other local possibilities … I would make sure you talk with any of the ones you plan to visit first on the phone (along the lines of this article) to make sure they are willing and able to provide you with the specs and information you will need to make informed decisions and to get a sense of the level of knowledge and service there as well. Also make sure that you never buy a mattress on the same day as you test the mattresses no matter what “deal” you are offered. Without this … you could spend a lot of time in the store and end up not having any meaningful information about any mattress you are considering or ending up with a mattress with lower quality and value.

Some local “possibilities” along with the brands they sell that may have some better local value (relative to other outlets in the area) and be worth including in your research (depending on the results of your phone calls) includes … Online but partnered with in Wilmington, New Castle, Newark, DE. where you can test some of their mattresses. Wilmington. Symbol, Therapedic, Lady Americana New Castle, DE. Corsicana, Eclipse, Therapedic

Because the type and quality of materials and construction in a mattress is the only way to know it’s real value and to make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses no matter which “brand” you are looking at, dealing with manufacturers or retail stores that easily and willingly provide this information is the most important part of finding the best possible quality and value. Without this … you are making a “blind” purchase based on the “feel” of a mattress alone and any materials can provide a great “showroom feel” … for a while.

Hope this helps