mattress shopping is hard

First caught my eye on tempurpedic, I really enjoyed how fast their memory foam responds. Are they bad other than the high price?

Tried Serta iComfort as a more affordable temurpedicā€¦ prodigy model feels about as good as tempurpedic, but without the super fast response. Oh well, a fair bit cheaperā€¦ seems like a better ideaā€¦

Then I saw this site and got scared of iComfort :stuck_out_tongue:

Tomorrow going in person to check out

Will see how it compares! Hopefully good!

Hi BrianChicago,

I think you will be very pleasantly surprised based on their knowledge, their service, and of course the quality and value of their mattresses compared to where you have probably been already.

You are certainly heading in the direction of among the ā€œbest in the countryā€ much less the Chicago area IMO :slight_smile: