Mattress Shops in Salt Lake City/Ogden Utah Area

First of all I am blown away by this site and am so glad I found it (through a youtube video on My Green Mattress where someone mentioned you). I can’t thank you enough for the time and energy you’ve put into streamlining this information for us. I would be swimming in an endless sea without this.

I’ve been reading the tutorial and studying my options for a couple weeks now and need to start testing mattresses but am a little lost as to where to go to avoid the big name, low-quality stuff. I want to test latex in different combinations and cores to compare to what I’m finding online. Do you have a list for any Salt Lake City/Ogden Utah area of local manufacturers?

Thanks again.

Hi MC,

Thanks for the kind comments … and I’m glad you found us :slight_smile:

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Salt Lake City area (subject to first making sure that they carry the type of mattress you are interested in testing and that any mattress you are considering meets the quality/value guidelines here) are listed in post #2 here.


Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.