Mattress Similar to Savant

Phoenix, appreciate al the info you have given us!! Have learned new things about mattresses just wished I could’ve seen this sooner. Just finished cancelling my order for the iComfort Savant and I feel like I made the right decision thanks to you. Been looking at a couple of places nearby that you recommended and I stumbled upon the Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress. I know you said its still new but me and my wife really loved the Savant and wanted something along those lines but with better material. Being priced at $699 I would think its a steal for a queen size bed. My zip code is 91342, and if I can get something for under $1,400 thats similar to a Savant, it would mean a lot to us. My Simmons bed at the moment is about to be 6 years old and I cant stand it to the point that I rather sleep on the floor, so im looking to replace it the fastest I can.

Thanks again Phoenix!!! Will recommend this place to more people!

Hi GTRKiller,

The better options in the greater Los Angeles area I’m aware of are in post #2 here.

The only way to truly compare a mattress to another mattress that uses different materials is with side by side testing so to know how close a mattress was to the Savant you would need to have the Savant and the one you were comparing in the same store. Comparing a mattress to a subjective memory of how a mattress feels (even if the memory is only a few hours old) is notoriously inaccurate. Most people have had the experience of testing a mattress for a few hours and forgetting how the previous ones felt. It’s much more accurate to rate each mattress against a common set of more objective standards.

Having said that … a mattress that uses similar layering will certainly have similarities.

The Savant uses 4.75" of memory foam (2" of regular 5 lb memory foam with 1" of soft cheap 1.35 lb polyfoam under this with 2.75" of 4 lb particulate gel memory foam below this over a 6" 1.5 lb polyfoam support core of unknown firmness.

The Ultimate Dreams 13" mattress has 3" of 4 lb particulate gel memory foam over 2" of 5 lb regular memory foam (wich no cheap soft foam in between the memory foam layers) over an 8" firmer polyfoam base layer which is much higher quality at 2.35 lbs).

As you can see the layering is different but has some similarities so the two mattresses will have some similarities as well but the Ultimate Dreams doesn’t have the cheap polyfoam in the mix and the support layers are higher qualityso it is a higher quality mattress overall and it certainly has better value.

The manufacturer has said that the overall “feel” of the Ultimate Dreams is similar to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe except a bit firmer and since this is widely available if may give you a sense of the feel of the mattress.

You also have some very good options available locally if personal testing to make sure a mattress matches what you need and prefer is an important part of your “value equation” and you should certainly be able to find something of similar or better quality and similar layering (without the polyfoam in the middle) to the Savant that is well within your budget.