mattress sources in my zip code

I live in 97701, Bend OR

What are the closest, good mattress outlets you can recommend?


Hi 70sleeper,

Some of the better options I’m aware of in or close to Bend are included in post #2 here.


Thanks so much for the references to your previous posts.

[I have found that the search function here is a bit quirky - I seem to get a lot of hits that don’t actually contain the terms I searched on and no highlighting of the terms that do appear in the returns. That’s why I had to ask for references even after searching.]

Great site and I appreciate your knowledge.

Hi 70sleeper,

Thanks for the kind words.

I agree with you that the search function is not that great and when you enter multiple words it looks for each word separately. There is a site search where you can put in exact phrases but it doesn’t list a preview of every post that has it like the forum search. I am pretty familiar with the forum posts so it’s easier for me to find information and know which search terms work best (and I use a combination of the forum search and the firefox find function with the exact phrase I’m looking for) so I normally don’t mind pointing to relevant topics or posts and I also keep a list of various posts that I refer to as well.

Doing some of the “pointing” also gives me a chance to make some revisions as necessary and keep some of the lists a little more up to date (for example I did a search and called a couple of outlets and added one to the list that I linked for you).

I’ve been working on some site upgrades over the last few months as part of a migration to new software and I’m hopeful that the upgraded forum software has a better search function included (I haven’t tested it yet).