Mattress store Yakima WA 98902

Phoenix -

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction of a good mattress store in my area or surrounding area. I live in Yakima, WA 98902. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Gmatzke,

Post #2 here includes the two factory direct manufacturers that are close to you near Yakima.

In addition to these … It may also be worth considering paying a visit to … I talked with Torey here and she is well informed and helpful. I would focus on their Restonic (latex hybrid), Englander, (latex hybrid) and Easy Rest (memory foam) mattresses which may have better quality/value compared to the major brands they also carry. I would also make sure that you find out the details of all the layers in any mattress you like, particularly any quilting polyfoam on top, which can help identify any “weak links” in the mattress. They won’t be able to provide the layer details of their major brand mattresses because these are generally not given to retailers so I would avoid these completely.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Phoenix, i did think that baby bear comment was stupid. So stupid I thought maybe there was more to it, ha.
I drive by that mattress store all the time so will stop in. I bought a mattress in 1996 at a store like that in Mentor, Ohio. Back then I thought $700.00 was outrageous. But it lasted 17 yrs and has to go.

I will get some mattress info there and post for some final decisions. I hope there in the mood to bargin.

Hi optic1,

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you visit them :slight_smile: