Mattress suggestion help please

Hi all,

I need some help with selecting a good and correct mattress for my wife and I. We both have some problems with my wife having a bad right shoulder from a rotator cuff injury and me with a degenerative lower back disc. My wife just happens to sleep on her shoulder and I sleep on my back. She needs a soft mattress while I need one with a little support. At this time we have a regular queen size bed that has a 2" foam topper along with 2 feather type toppers on it which is good for her but I wake up with back pain every morning. I am 5’6" and weigh 160 lbs while my wife is 5’4" and weighs about 180 lbs. We were looking maybe at an adjustable bed but at this time I feel the only way we are going to satisfy both of us is with twin beds. Please let me know what you would suggest for us to do so we can both get a good night’s sleep.


If your comment about two twin beds means you have enough space in your bedroom for a king, perhaps look into a model which allows you to have different levels of comfort on each side of a single king mattress. That’s exactly what I’m about to purchase.

Brooklyn Bedding seems to have a strong reputation in the forums, and I’ve had a really good experience working with Mario. (I’ve read Chuck, who I believe is an owner, is also great.) The Aloe Alexis is my preference, but the other two latex/foam mattresses may also allow for different comfort layers. You’ll want to confirm with a sales rep.


If you decide to add an adjustable foundation later, my understanding is the foam/latex will work quite well because they are very flexible.

Good luck!!

Hi partsman41953

The first place to start your mattress research is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that can help you make the most informed and suitable mattress choice.

When you reach step 3 … if you let me know your city or zip then I’d be happy to let you know of any of the better possibilities I’m aware of in your area (which you can then compare with any similar online choices available to you).

As JDG0928 mentioned there are a number of mattresses or manufacturers that offer the option of customizing each side of the mattress differently which can be very helpful for those that want a single mattress but have different needs and preferences. There may also be some designs that your testing indicates may be suitable for both of you even though you are different so I would be open to this possibility as well.

Post #3 here has some thoughts about adjustable beds and also links to the adjustable bed thread which has more information and includes some good value options that can help you with your choice and be a useful value reference (or purchase choice).