Mattress Suggestions - Replacement

Hello you wonderful group of brilliant mattress experts. I’m at a crossroads here and could use some help.

I’ve been sleeping on a soft bed from Brooklyn Bedding for about a year and half now and I need to switch to a firm mattress. Despite being a side sleeper, I have found out how much better sleeping on firm to really firm mattresses feels on my back.
I have mild spondylolisthesis and some hip pain that seems to really only disappear on firmer mattresses.

Some details:

  • Side-sleeper/back sleeper: but again, big focus on the fact that firm feels great.
  • 6’1 185lbs
  • In NYC
  • Run real hot
  • Have an electronic adjustable metal bedframe that I’d love to keep using.
  • King Bed
  • Budget is honestly anything under 2500 if the bed is worth it. Would love to stay under 1200 if I can though. All depends on how much of a difference it makes.

Any recommendations? It’s been a while so is Latex still the best for a comfort layer? Preferably a bed not made by Brooklyn Bedding because I had a bit of a lousy experience with their customer support. I don’t think it’s entirely their fault, but I’d just rather feel a bit better getting from another brand this time around. Also happy to support a small brand if they allow for a solid trial window.

Thanks for any help!

Hi eman1023,

Thanks for providing such detailed information.

I am a firm believer that a comfort layer of Talalay latex is the best. A comfort layer can certainly be firm as Talalay latex comes in 12 different densities from 14 ILD (softest) to 44 ILD (firmest). After doing some research on your spondylolisthesis condition, I think you are correct in asking for recommendations on a firm mattress.

You have various options in terms of mattress constructions but I would suggest a 3" - 36 ILD top layer of Talalay latex or equivalent. This density will be firm enough for your height and weight however you will compress the material enough to get support primarily in your lumbar area. You don’t want any gaps between your body and the sleep surface. That will only exacerbate the problem. There are several companies on the TMU platform that can supply you with the appropriate solution. @FloBeds, @EXP-MyGreen-Mattress, and @CST

I hope this helps.

thanks for the detailed reply! Couple questions: are there any reasons why I wouldn’t choose Talalay Latex?

Also, The bed I’m coming from is a Arctic Dreams Dreamfoam Hybrid, and it was entirely entirely too soft. Is this config a lot firmer than that?

Hi eman1023,

I apologize for the delay in responding.

The density that I recommended is considered firm, and can certainly for some whose weight is 185 Lbs.

Talalay latex is one of the best sleep surfaces you can buy. It is more expensive than other materials but it will outlast all of them.

Again my apologies for new getting back to you.