Mattress Suggestions

My wife (5’7", 135 lb - back & side sleeper) and I (6’1", 195 lb - back, side, & stomach sleeper) are looking for a mattress. We have been to the local mattress stores (47909 - not much in our area other than a few stores selling the big name brands), and we liked the feel of some of the Tempurpedic Cloud beds. Specifically, we liked the Cloud Luxe and Cloud Select, but thought that the Cloud Supreme was too soft.

As you have noted, they are good quality mattresses, but the prices are outrageous. Therefore, we are looking at online sellers that offer similar products. I have looked through several posts, and am currently considering the following mattresses:
Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam
Rocky Mountain 10" Component Bed (the CoolComfort and SensusSleep appear to have different foams but not sure which would be more durable and/or appropriate for us?)
I have ruled out selectfoam due to several customer issues that have been posted.

On a related note, we like the idea of a latex mattress, or at least a latex comfort layer (like the Ultimate Dreams Ultra Plush). However we are hesitant because we have not been able to find latex mattresses locally to test (or least any highly quality ones). Any thoughts or suggestions?

Hi rdmelton,

In case you haven’t already read this … I would make sure that you have read post #1 here and the information it links to so that you are armed with the basic information you will need which along with your personal testing can help you make the best mattress decisions.

There are actually some good options in the Lafayette area which may be well worth exploring. The worst case is that they provide some good reference points for an online purchase and the best case is that they have the kind of quality, value, and service that fits your “personal value equation” even better than an online purchase with less risk of trying an unknown mattress. They are listed in post #2 here.

If you do decide to go in a memory foam direction then both Dreamfoam and Rocky Mountain Mattress are both great choices but of course each offers different mattresses and layer combinations and also different options in terms of re-arranging layers and exchange or return options. Talking to them about their options and which may fit your body type and sleeping positions best will certainly be one of the most important parts of making the best choice for you.

I would also caution you that with people who sleep in all positions … especially when it includes stomach sleeping … I would be very cautious about choosing a mattress where the comfort layers are any thicker or softer than you absolutely need to relieve pressure because there is a larger risk of alignment and back issues with layers that are too soft and thick to provide the kind of support you need in your 'riskier" sleeping positions. I would make sure that you had some good and “accurate” reference points from local testing before making your choice.

Hope this helps.


I thought Holder only did innerspring mattresses based on talking to some local people, but apparently not. We will definitely be going there to check out what they have to offer. Thanks for the information.

Hi rdmelton,

I would call to confirm what they are currently building (this can change) and then visit them if it sounds promising or close to what you are interested in testing. All the “Holders” make different mattresses as well and are not connected with each other besides being part of the same extended family.