Mattress tag "This mattress is intended to be used without a foundation"

Hi, question for anyone in the know. I just got a new bed in a box mattress to try out. I also bought a foundation and frame from this company. I see a tag on the mattress saying “This mattress is intended to be used WITHOUT a foundation”. I called them and they said this tag is basically on all mattresses and not sure why but supposedly means nothing. Just wondering if anyone knows why supposedly all mattresses have this statement on their tags?

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This is a good question, probably others have wondered about the origins of this type labeling and what it means to the consumer. Since July 1, 2007 as part of United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s FR labeling requirements(NOTE: this link references labeling in regards to resellers but referenced the “use with a foundation” and “use without a foundation” consumer tags), mattresses are labeled either “as a set intended to be used with a foundation or labeled as intended to be used without a foundation”. BIBs (bed in a box mattresses such as yours) are commonly branded as mattresses that don’t require a traditional boxspring and therefore carry “intended to be used without a foundation” labeling. Of course, the use of a BIB mattress either “with or without a foundation” is a personal preference. Just wondering what brand mattress did you get?


Awesome! Thanks for that great bit of information!

I’m trying out the Bear mattress… specifically Bear Pro. I havent slept on it yet as I’m letting it fully expand for a couple/few days and off gas. I’ve laid on it and it feels nice. I think it’s still expanding a bit as it seems to be noticably firmer than when i unboxed it on Friday. Also still waiting for the foundation which is slated to come later this week. I think i will try sleeping on it nevertheless early this week though to see.

The off gas smell isn’t too bad but noticable. I have a fan going and open the windows during the midday. I’ll likely write a bit of a review down the road on it.

Congratulations on your new mattress and foundation, stmslpr! Yes, the slight off-gas smell should dissipate fairly soon…it’s definitely a nice time of year to enjoy open windows…

Yes, please give your review thoughts for our Mattress Underground forum members when you can after you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for awhile.