Mattress Temperature and Type

I need the coolest possible mattress for my wife…it’s the “change”. Will a solid latex be cooler than an innerspring? We both prefer very firm and have always had an innerspring. We both weigh about 225 and are side sleepers . When I try beds I always gravitate to the innerspring mattresses, but it’s what I’m used to. The only full latex that I could find locally was a Laura Ashley($$$$). It felt different than what I’m used to, naturally, but not terrible. Suggestions/Help please.

Thanks, Bob

Hi bob,

In general … the upper layers of a mattress that are closer to your body will have a much more significant effect on the sleeping temperature of a mattress than the deeper support layers (whether they are an innerspring, latex, polyfoam, or anything else). There is more about the many factors that can affect temperature regulation in post #2 here.

to the degree that the support layers will have any afect (and this can also depend on the design of the mattress and the thickness and type of materials over the support core) … an innerspring is more breathable than any type of foam unless of course it is surrounded by a material that restricts its airflow such as a higher density firmer polyfoam that you will often see as one method of providing edge support (and lowering the cost of the mattress because polyfoam is less expensive than the steel it is replacing).

No matter which mattress you decide to purchase … it’s always important to make sure you know the specifics of every layer in the mattress so that you don’t buy a mattress that someone is calling a “latex mattress” only to find out that it has thicker layers of less durable materials (such as lower density polyfoam) in the upper layers of the mattress that can become the weak link of the mattress in terms of durability.

Post #1 here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines that will help you make the best possible choices.