Mattress topper becomes hard

After I slept on my mattress topper after almost 1 year, my mattress topper becomes hard as seat cushion, any thoughts on this??

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That is a bit weird as the fill is soft and does not really compact to a hard feel, like wool might. It is possible that you are bottoming it out, but based on our previous discussions, you purchased a very plush soft mattress.
What exactly does it feel like to you, when you are laying on it and does it feel that way around the entire bed or just in certain area’s.

Middle of my mattress topper, it feels hard, edge of my mattress topper, it feels soft

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I forget, was you mattress a zoned mattress?

My mattress is not zoned

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That is a tough one then.Not zoned, no lumbar support area, softer, plush mattress, topper shouldnt feel hard. Have you rotated the topper?, Have you tried to sleep on the bed a couple of nights without the topper to see if the mattress feels hard in the same spot?

You need to try a couple of different scenarios for a few days to see what is most comfortable and determine whether it is the topper or the mattress that is causing the “hard” feel.

Take a few days and try a couple of the options discussed.

My whole mattress is ultra plush
My middle mattress topper is hard

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Understood, I just saw the picture of your mattress, the topper is built into the mattress, unless you have an additional topper that goes on top of the eurotop of the mattress. It does not appear to be a removable topper. So the best you can do is rotate the mattress. Also, you should have someone from the store look at your mattress, the corners at the foot of the mattress do not look like they are fully expanded.
It is clear that it is a beautyrest seaqual which uses a lot of recycled plastic bottles to create the fabric for the mattress. Do you know which “Lux” it is? It is not clear from the picture if it is the Harmony Lux or not. Knowing which exact model mattress it is may help get a better understanding of what you are experiencing.

After a little research on your mattress and it appears to be the Harmony Lux, the mattress in the center where you see the fancy design, uses T2 Coils for extra support. So that is why you may be feeling like that area is a bit harder than the rest of the mattress. Perhaps it can be rotated and depending on your height, you may be able to avoid that more supportive coil area of the mattress.
Rotate it and see if that helps.

But it’s discontinued

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Yes, that is what i looked at. It does have a bit of a firmer coil system under that fancy design area according to a couple of reviews. Rotate it so that top 1/3 area is at the foot of the mattress rather than the top.

Harmony Lux Explained

I did rotated my mattress last time. I’m going to get rid of problematic mattress topper, what is best mattress pad/topper? My current middle problematic mattress topper used to be soft when it was just brand new

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I would be curious to see if it is really the topper or if the mattress topper got soft and you are sinking down to the next layer. I would still be rotating the mattress every 3 months for the first year of ownership. Just to have a better understanding, do you have a separate topper from what you sent me in the picture, or are you referring to the pillow top of your Harmony Lux?