Mattress topper for College Dorm

Last year I had gotten my son a 3" foam mattress topper for school, he said it was too soft and hot. I have to get him another one for the upcoming school year and not sure what to get

In his dorm the mattress is a Twin XL, it a few inches and has a plastic outside around it - not much of a mattress so I want to get him a topper so he is more comfortable. He wants something that is “plush” and will not get hot.

I was looking at the latex toppers for him not sure if this is the way to go or if something else would be better, I will have to just buy him something that I think will work.

Any suggestions?



Hi picklex61,

The best firmness and thickness choice for a topper topper depends on the mattress it’s going on. It would also be helpful to know more details about what he was using before as a reference point for what he considers to be too soft.

Other than that … post #2 here and the posts it links to has some guidelines for choosing a topper that may be helpful.

For those that like the “feel” of latex it is certainly a very high quality and durable choice.



Thanks for the info.

Here’s a picture of the “mattress” the topper would go on. It 's basically a piece of foam with plastic around it. The other foam was something I purchased from Kohls and I couldn’t find any info on it other then it was 3:

Hi pickles61,

Unfortunately the picture doesn’t provide any information about the type or firmness of the foam in the mattress and I don’t know the specific information about the topper to use it as a reference point for what your son thinks is “too soft” so I would follow the topper suggestions based on whether the mattress alone needs “a touch to a little” or “a little to a fair bit” or “a fair bit to a lot” of extra softness along with some of the other suggestions based on sleeping position and body type.

A good “average” choice would be in the range of 2" or so using the material that he prefers and the softness/firmness level that is most appropriate for his body type and sleeping positions. The return policy of the retailer or manufacturer you deal with may also be important if you are uncertain or end up making a less than ideal choice and most good retailers or manufacturers that have good knowledge and experience with mattress materials can also provide some good guidance when you have a more detailed conversation with them on the phone before placing your order. The more information that you can provide about how your son feels on the mattress by itself and on his body type, sleeping positions, and preferences the better they will be able to help you.

You also mentioned that the mattress has plastic around it which would affect how it feels and also the sleeping temperature (plastic can’t breathe to wick away moisture and carry away the heat). Latex is also the most breathable and coolest of all the foam materials and memory foam is generally the warmest with polyfoam in the middle. Memory foam and gel memory foam is a slow response material that feels more like you are sleeping “in” the mattress and polyfoam and latex are a faster response material that feels like you are sleeping more “on” the mattress. Once you are clear about which your son prefers then you can at least narrow down your options between fast or slow response materials.