Mattress topper for new bed

Good Morning everyone, first off like to say thanks to Phoenix for the abundance of information on the site and forums. Im overwhelmed haha! To make a long story quick, Mattress Firm retailer did me dirty on a warranty exchange that I had put in, first it was OK’d for return. Then at the moment of new purchase they sent me to the back burner. After this incident I took to the internet and stumbled on sites such as this one and They opened by eyes to the truth of such retailers and will never do business with the like again.

After making a few phone calls with a cousin of mine in Los Angeles, he said he would be able to get me an amazing deal on a mattress from a local manufacturer. I took the risk and purchased it at such a great price. Now that I received it, I cant tell who the bed is from or whats it made of. Legal tag doesnt display much info other than euro top. Here are some details I can easily notice,

(See attached photo below)

Bamboo logo visible on top layers
Double euro top
One corner displays Orthopedic Mattress
Feels like it has inner springs

Its an amazing mattress but for my liking its a little too firm for me. Hardly any “give” or plushness to it. Will a mattress topper help me get the plush level im looking for? What do you all recommend for me? I was looking at these products

3 Inch Thick, 4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress

2 Inch ErgoSoft Natural Latex Foam Mattress Pad Topper

Natural Latex Dunlop (Medium Plush) from Rocky Mountain Mattress

Ultimate Dreams 3" Talalay Latex Mattress Topper

Thank you all in advance for your help. The info from the website is astonishing!!!

Hi davidg545,

Unfortunately without knowing more about the layering of the mattress it really isn’t possible to assess the potential risk of various different toppers outside of going by what you “feel”. It would be very helpful to know the softness and thickness of your current comfort layers which would provide a reference point for what you consider or perceive as soft (each person has a different definition of soft) and how much fine tuning you may need. For example if you already have soft layers but they are too thin and you are “going through” to firmer layers underneath them … then you may only need an inch of additional soft materials. If you have a thicker comfort layer that is firmer … then you may need a thicker softer topper which would turn your current comfort layers into more “transition” layers in between the softer topper and the firmer support layers (or innerspring).

You may be able to get a sense of the construction of your mattress by looking and feeling along the side for the layering and the boundaries between the layers. Was there no law tag on the mattress that could tell you who made it or what was in it?

In general terms though … most mattresses already have a comfort layer and the goal is to add a topper that is as thin as possible so that any pressure symptoms are relieved with the least possible risk to alignment (so you don’t replace one issue with another). If the topper you add is too thick and soft in combination with the soft layers that are already in your mattress you may be too far away from the support layers of the mattress and allow the heavier parts of your body to sink down too far relative to the lighter parts before they are “stopped” by the support layers.

The goal in this is to do your best to “estimate” the amount and softness of a topper you will need based on your experience on the mattress and on whether you need a “just a bit” … a “little” … a “fair bit” … or a “lot” of extra comfort or pressure relief. Heavier weights will need firmer materials than lighter bodies and larger bodies or curvier sleeping positions (such as side sleeping) will need more thickness than flatter sleeping positions (such as back and side) or slimmer less curvy bodies.

Especially when you don’t know any details of what is in your current mattress … this may involve some experimentation in which case the ability to return a topper can be one of the most important parts of your purchase.

The choice of materials is more about preference and based on whether you prefer slow response materials or fast response materials and on the type of materials you tend to prefer in your comfort layers.

It would also be important to know if your current mattress has any memory foam in the upper layers (the kind that leaves an impression for a while when you press deeply on the surface) because if you add a topper over a slow response foam that is heat sensitive it will make this layer firmer and this needs to be taken into account as one of the “moving parts” when you add a topper.

So if all your mattress is “missing” is a little bit of comfort/pressure relief … then a topper can help yes. The trick is to decide on the softness, thickness, and type you will need.

It may help if you could describe in a little bit more detail what “symptoms” you are experiencing on your mattress which you are looking to eliminate or change along with more details about your body type and sleeping positions.

If it is just a more subjective “feeling” you are looking for and there are no specific symptoms … then a thin topper that is more about the “surface feel” (just a little extra “fluffiness” or “cush”) than about pressure relief would probably be the best choice. This could be a featherbed or fiberbed, a thin lightly filled shredded latex topper, or an inch or so of other more “cushy” materials such as soft memory foam or soft polyfoam (like a quilting layer).

If you are looking for some “point specific” cushioning under specific parts of the body and a more “even” overall feeling on comfort layers that are firmer … then a slightly thicker wool or silk topper may do the trick. It has the added benefit of being very breathable and temperature regulating. This may also work on comfort layers that are just a little to thin and soft where you are going through too much into the firmer layers below because they will reduce the amount you are going through the softer layer.

If you are “going through” comfort layers that are a little too thin to the firmer layers below but the softness of the material is about right and you just need or want some extra thickness of a similar material (thickness is the main issue) then an extra inch of a similar material (both type and softness) to what you already have may work or a slightly thicker shredded latex or memory foam topper may work.

If you are looking for more “overall” softness along the whole surface of the mattress and your comfort layers are too thin/firm or there is only a little bit of give then a thicker topper in the range of 2" that is slightly firmer than the other options (but still in the soft range for your body type and perceptions) may be what you need.

If you feel like you are sleeping on the floor and there is little to no comfort layer or give at all then it may be “safe” to go with 3 or more inches of softer material (depending on your body type, sleeping positions, and perceptions of what is soft).

The “safest” choices if you are undecided … depending on your specific symptoms, weight, body type, sleeping positions, and what is currently in the comfort layers of your mattress … would probably be to stick with 2" or less unless there was a clear “pointer” to something thicker being better.

In other words … it all depends on what you are feeling and the specific “symptoms” or more “subjective” comfort/pressure relief issues you are trying to address.


Phoenix, thanks for the reply.

The law tag is there but is very vague with little to no info…it states that its manufactured in Los Angeles CA, Prototype #114221, Type: Eurotop. Thats pretty much it. No where can I find a manufacturer or stlye of bed. I took your advice to feel the layers of the mattress but take what im about to type as a grain of salt, I dont know what to feel for lol.

I pushed in on the side of the mattress to what I think are springs. It felt hollow when I pushed in and could only push as far as the fabric let me and I didnt feel a thing. I also applied a lot of pressure on the top of the mattress to look for a hand print to no avail. Leading me to believe there is no memory foam what so ever. Which is fine, im not too big on the memory foam. Either there are very little or little to none comfort padding on this mattress. It feels like im sleeping on a piece of wood, no give and is “bouncy” (i believe comes from the springs).

Being a side sleeper, 5’9" @ 145lbs im not a big guy by any means but this mattress is way to firm for my liking and my style sleep. I want that overall softness to a mattress, plush like feeling, where if I sleep in any position I feel comfortable. I like for the mattress to “give” to my body style. Majority of the time im on my sides with the occasional stomach down style.

With that said, after reading a lot about them im leaning towards purchasing fom Dreamfoam. Do you think that with a mattress topper I can completely alleviate the firmness of this mattress? I really want that plush like feeling. Or should I scratch the mattress, eat the cost of it, and purchase one from the good folks at Dreamfoam?

Hi davidg545,

If your rough description of the mattress is fairly accurate (innersprings with a layer of what is probably polyfoam on top and firm comfort layers) … and the issue with the mattress is only the firmness of the comfort layers … then a topper would probably help yes.

Given that the specifics aren’t known and that there is already some softer foam on top (judging by the picture) … along with your lighter weight, your desire for more “give”, and occasional time on your stomach … I would guess that the odds favor a 2" latex topper in the soft range (@ 19 - 24 ILD with 19 being softer). This is assuming that the mattress surface is even and doesn’t have any obvious soft spots (which is sounds like it doesn’t).

The Dreamfoam would also make a good choice of course (the ILD choice may not be the same because it also has 1.5" of soft quilting foam in the mix which will make the comfort layer softer than just the latex) but my choice would depend on what I paid for the mattress you have and it’s apparent condition. It seems to me that it probably “qualifies” as a mattress that would benefit from a topper since it’s new and it seems that the only issue is that the comfort layers are too firm.


Thank you for your help Phoenix. I talked with Chuck over at Dreamfoam and he was extremely helpful. We decided that I should try their talalay latex topper and if I still dont like the way it feels, I can return it for credit towards one of their mattresses. My boss at work also said that he would purchase my orthopedic mattress if I ended up buying another one. Sounds like a win win with only a few bucks lost in returning the topper should that be the case. I hope it all works out for the best.

Hi davidg545,

It sounds to me like you have some good options with little risk :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback about how things work out for you.